First recycled plastic poles to hit the market soon

First recycled plastic poles to hit the market soon

In what is likely to be another attempt to address the significant portion of waste generated in Thimphu, the Greener Way is for the first time coming up with recycled plastic poles.

The plastic poles are made after recycling a variety of other plastic materials. These poles can be used as poles for signage stand or sign stand and for barbed, mesh wire and electric fencing.

The founder of Greener Way, Karma Yonten said, “The poles are vandal proof as these poles have no scrap value and won’t be subjected to long hands.”

He added that they would like to promote these poles for electric fencing as they are good insulators without current leakage.

“Having read about so many human wildlife conflicts in rural places, these poles will serve the purpose,” Karma Yonten said, adding that such poles most importantly will reduce the chopping of trees in making fencing poles.

According to the Greener Way founder, recycled plastic fence is aesthetically appealing and maintenance free. It also doesn’t need painting.

“I can see most of the poles, fences and signboards on the road sides are made of metals and wood, but these plastic poles will be better in the long run,” he added.

The Greener Way’s recycled mix plastic fencing poles are unique blend of recycled plastic that is formulated with strength, durability and stability, according to Karma Yonten.

“This fencing can typically last up to 15 years and because the material is inserted, it’s resistant to chemical such as cleaning products, oils and greases,” he said.

Karma Yonten said seeing plastic carry bags and wrappers coming in bulk pushed them in exploring ways to recycle the plastic waste. “This could be my addition idea as a helping hand to the government to control plastic,” he said.

He added that plastic is very hazardous to the environment and to human health. The plastic litter in the country is increasing at a very fast pace, and coming up with such plastic poles will help to reduce plastic that are being littered around.

“It is not just the sellers alone using plastic. Look around in the town and one can still see most of the people carrying plastic bags. These plastic will find its way to the landfill. So with the use of plastic I am coming with some sort of pole business,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Greener Way will be trying to sell these plastic poles at a rate of Nu 300-400 per pole. There are also plans to make more poles based on the order from costumers.

 Karma Yonten believes that using plastic as raw materials to make useful products like the recycled plastic poles will help in reducing plastic use in the future.

He divulged that they are also coming up with furniture that would be made with the use of plastic.

Kinley Yonten from Thimphu