Final phase of G2C Services launched

To improve public service delivery (PSD) further, the G2C (Government to Citizen) office launched six more online services on Thursday.

The six eservices include Public Notary Office under Royal Court of Justice, Drug Regulatory Authority, Department of Livestock and National Center for Animal Health, Construction Development Board, National Housing and Development Corporation Limited and Department of Engineering Services.

The eServices are in addition to the more than 100 online services provided through the Citizen Portal. The impact of the implementation of the project is evident not only in technical aspects but also in bringing about behavioral and social changes. In order to quantify and capture the impact, an Implementation Analysis study is underway.

The preliminary findings encompass the assessment of the key project activities and most important, identification of the action areas to take further the PSD Initiative.

Under the Notary Public Office, 11 different are now available online. Unlike the past, applicants can apply online and go to the notary office only once at the appointed time, along with the original documents to get their documents notarized.

For the Drug Regulatory Authority, six different services related to registration and renewal of competent person, import authorization, and technical authorization, is made online. Whereas Department of Livestock and National Center for Animal Health the database systems are aimed at improving the delivery of livestock services. These systems will help maintain proper annual indenting, timely requisition, procurement, effective distribution, and management of veterinary vaccines and input supplies, towards achieving the aspirations of effective public services.

For Construction Development Board, the different services related to registration and renewal of contractors and consultants are expected to enhance the delivery of the construction sector services. So for National Housing and Development Corporation Limited the eServices will enable the applicants seeking housing allotment and maintenance services to apply online.

And for Department of Engineering Services, the Construction Approval service is expected to expedite and streamline the construction service delivery. Also, the department can now generate Bhutan Schedule Rates online through the eBSR system.

Speaking at the launch, Minister of Works and Human Settlements, Dorji Choden said the government is investing a lot of money to deliver services to the people and the public will not have to visit the offices to avail the services.“The eservices will ease the work for both public and the officials and create more transparency and reduction in public interface for the officials who will be able to perform their duties without disturbance.”

A G2C official said the launch of G2C services has reduced the level of process, administration burden and cost of resources while increasing transparency.

The official also added there are major challenges in the facilitation of G2C services like lack of internet connectivity and awareness of eServices among rural people. “People are also concerned about paying online.”

Tshering from Thimphu