Farmers in T/gang prepare for rice plantation

Farmers in T/gang prepare for rice plantation

They are optimistic about this year’s yield as the rain has started to come early

Heavy rainfall in recent days has given hope to the farmers in the eastern dzongkhag of Trashigang as they have started preparing for paddy cultivation this year.

Farmers say they are optimistic about this year’s yield as the rain has started to come early this year.

Some say the rainfall in recent days have made the work for the farmers easier as most of them, in the eastern dzongkhag, use the traditional method to plough their fields and only a few use power tillers. 

A farmer, Dechen said she is planning to cultivate paddy early this year as the rain has helped the soil, thus making the work easier for her.

“As I cannot take a power tiller to my field, I have to use the traditional method to plough my field. Rice seedlings are already placed and in the coming month if rain continues like the current one, I will start planting,” she said.

She added that she could harvest about 140kg of rice last year. However, she is positive about the yield this year and expects to double the production of the previous year.

Another farmer, Wangdi said the rainfall this year was timely and came at a time when most farmers wait to begin paddy cultivation.

He said he has already ploughed his field and by next month he will begin with the plantation works.

“The soil quality wasn’t good last year, but this year with the help of the rain and manure, the soil looks better,” he said, adding that he is expecting around 700kg of rice production this year.

Some of the farmers, meanwhile, have already started to cultivate paddy, which they say is early compared to last year.

A farmer, Jigme Wangchuk said as the rain has already made the work easier, he has started plantation works early this year.

“Because of the timely ranfall, we started the work early,” he said.

While Jigme Wangchuk harvested around 200kg of rice last year, which he thought was not enough, he is expecting to have a good production this year.

Another farmer, Lobzang said he had to start work early so that he would borrow oxen from other villagers to plough his field.

“If they get booked by others, it means I will have to wait for weeks. It is also expensive to hire a power tiller in the village. Even if there is a power tiller, my field is away from the farm road and it is not veen accessible by a power tiller too,” Lobzang said.

With some farmers having ploughed their fields early this year, they are expecting a good production this year.

Sonam Tashi from Trashigang