Election is a national issue

In less than a fortnight from now, Bhutan will go to polls and Bhutanese citizens will exercise their precious franchise which was gifted from the Golden Throne. It is a very rare, solemn and exquisite gem of a kind, a process which can happen only in Bhutan under the benevolent guidance of His Majesty the King.

‘January 9, 2024’ will open a brand new chapter in the ledgers of Bhutan’s political journey, for voters on the day will decide unto which political party they will hand over the reins of governance for the next five years.

The subjects, us, should feel the magnanimity of the occasion and take it personally to our hearts. The day does not only replicate people going to their respective constituencies every five years to cast their votes. There is more to it than meets the eye.

Over the past fifteen years or so, we have crept into the nooks and crannies of democracy, journeying through various political landscapes as old horses rubbed shoulders with new and upcoming political parties. This time around too there is a choice, a choice Bhutan should make, in the manifestation of People’s Democratic Party and Bhutan Tendrel Party.

It is not only the two parties locking horns for a majority in the parliament. It is the Bhutanese populace, who, in essence, charts the way and holds the key for the next five years. Whoever we choose to voice our concerns and to see things from our perspectives must be equally realistic and down to ground zero. Lavish, extravagant and unorthodox pledges are a thing of the past and Bhutanese people know that very well.

This Tuesday presents us with yet another opportunity, another window, and an altogether collective reason to dream and make the journey worthwhile. We must be practical in our approach towards choosing the right candidate and the right party. As His Majesty always reiterates that the future of our nation lies in the  hands of the citizens, we must be forthcoming and use all our wisdom and experience in choosing the right cohort of people who shall lend their ears to our concerns, who shall provide voice for the voiceless, and who shall rejoice when the nation triumphs.

We do not need people who put words into our mouths, whose motives are to dictate us and make us scapegoats for their failures, all the while banking on taxpayer’s money to fill and replenish their personal coffers.

Election is not a personal merchandise or vendetta; it is a national business in which the citizens and the nation should triumph at the end of the day!!