Egg tray plant set up in Chhokhorling

Poultry farmers in Sarpang and nearby dzongkhags need not worry about procuring egg trays now as a new tray plant in Chhokorling in Dekiling, Sarpang has been established.

The private factory named Thinley Kuenphel Egg Tray Manufacturing Unit is funded by Rural Enterprise Development Corporation Limited (REDCL).

It manufactures egg tray using old books, card boxes and papers including waste paper materials. The proprietor, Kinley Phuntsho plans to supply the products at the reasonable prices to capture the local market.

Currently, the plant produces around 3,000 trays a day. Each tray costs Nu 3.5. With the increasing poultry farms in the locality, Kinley Phuntsho is hopeful that the business will prosper and that he will soon be able to supply to other dzongkhags like Dagana, Tsirang, Zhemgang and Bumthang as well.

He has already started marketing and the response from the farmers has been welcoming.

“People are happy as I sell at reasonable prices,” said Kinley Phuntsho adding that imported trays costs Nu 5 a piece.

Currently, there are more than 100,000 hens in the poultry farms of Chhokhorling alone.

Kinley Phuntsho employs nine workers and plans to add more later.

Since this is the first project of its kind in Bhutan, he is finding it a challenge to convince farmers to buy the trays.

“I wanted to promote homemade products in the market to boost the local economy,” he said, “but people are habituated to importing.”

Kinley Phuntsho hopes that his business will run successfully due to the low price of the egg trays his company produces apart from the growing poultry business.

REDCL funded Nu 5.2mn for the plant while the actual cost shot up to Nu 6.6mn. He procured the equipment from Kerela in India.

Kinley Phuntsho plans to extend his plant when the demand for the trays increases. “Right now, I am focusing on marketing,” he said.

The egg tray plant being strategically located, he plans to deliver to the areas of demand across the country. He has already sold 20 bundles of tray to the local poultry farmers and the mega-farm at Sarpang.

Krishna Ghalley from Sarpang