Drinking water shortage becomes a major problem in Kideykhar

Drinking water shortage becomes a major problem in Kideykhar

The water shortage is faced mostly during the dry season

The residents of Kideykhar, five kilometers away from Mongar town, had been facing the issue of drinking water shortage for more than a year now. It is learned that with the growing population in the mini-town, the residents have started to face the issue of drinking water.

The Tshogpa of Kideykhar, Yeshi Wangzom said it has been a long time they have been facing the issue of water shortage.

She said the town used to have 12 to 13 households before and the trouble of drinking water was not there. However, now the population has grown to almost 20 households.

She said that previously they used to source the drinking water from the village; however, since after the Covid-19 pandemic struck the country the municipality helped them to source new drinking water as they started to face water shortage and after that they used the meter water.

Nevertheless, the situation remains as usual and they are still facing a drinking water shortage.

She said the municipality has helped them with tank reservoirs and water pipes but the issue is with the source of water as the source itself has dried up. The water is sourced from Chompa village, which is near Korila- which is 13km away from Kideykhar.

 “Sometimes we do not get water continuously for more than a week and the issue has become serious,” she said.

She said they have managed another new source which is 3km away from Chompa village, but they lack resources and they had sought help from the municipality.

“But we were informed that the municipality has no budget at the moment,” she added.   

One of the residents said the water stops continuously for days and they have to form a group and go up to the source to check the water.

She said as the winter season is approaching, they are facing more issues as the source has started to dry up.

Mongar Dzongkhag Municipal Engineer Tandin Dorji said the shortage of drinking water was there previously at Kideykhar town.

However, he said with the help of the water flagship program, water pipes and a new reservoir tank of 200 cubic meters with the capacity storage of 200,000 liters were constructed to solve the issue. Since then the issue of water shortage has been reduced.

He said the water is insufficient in the dry season but in the monsoon season the water is available all day.

“In the dry season, the water is insufficient from the source,” he said.

The only difficulty he talked about was with continuous rainfall, the landslides washing down the pipelines and water becoming insufficient for the residents.

When it comes to the new water source, he said they are preparing the report and estimating the budget which is in the process and they will proceed with the report sooner.

“With additional water sources there won’t be a water shortage problem and I think the issue will be solved totally,” he added.

Tenzin Lhamo from Trashigang