Drangpon’s wife charged for battery and trespass

The case of a judge’s wife trespassing and battering a sweeper’s wife has been trending on social media. According to the victim, the police have failed to do their job well. Police instead charged the victim for assault along with her 14-year-old son while the alleged suspect is booked for battery and trespassing. The incident happened on the evening of April 26 in Wamrong under Trashigang district. 

The case was forwarded to the Wamrong drungkhag court however, to avoid conflict of interest; the alleged battery has been forwarded to Trashigang court.

What had happened?

On April 26, the victim, a 38-year old was planting spring onion outside her house which was near the drangpon’s when she suddenly heard the alleged suspect yelling from her window. The victim talking to Business Bhutan over the phone said that she had no idea why the suspect was yelling at her and when she replied, the drangpon’s wife jumped walked towards her through the door. 

Fearing what would happen next, the victim’s son who was then in the house asked his mother to get inside the house. The drangpon’s wife was stopped by the victim’s husband but she forced forcibly walked towards the victim, grabbed her hair and pushed her. After that she does not recall what happened. “When I regained consciousness there was a pain on my back and neck,” she said.

Later the drangpon summoned the victim, her husband, and her son to his house and asked them what had transpired. The victim narrated the story about how his wife had battered her without any reason although the drangpon’s wife denied the allegation. 

The victim also shared with the drangpon that she had evidence in the form of a video clip which showed the suspect hitting her. The drangpon then asked the victim’s son to delete the video recording of the incident however; the boy had already shared the clip with some of their relatives. The video recording was deleted afterwards.

The drangpon had also asked them not to reveal the truth to the doctor if they went for a medical checkup and asked if they were going to complain to the police.

The victim had gone to Riserboo hospital the same night and the next day, she returned for follow up however, she was admitted for three nights. Later the victim visited the Mongar regional referral hospital where she was admitted for more than a week and discharged. She was also asked to come back for review.

The CT scan conducted at Mongar hospital revealed an impression of “break in the outer cortex of left lamina of C2 vertebra fracture and straightened cervical curvature, possibly due to muscle spasm.”

The victim had lodged the case on April 28 but later the next day the case was withdrawn.

The victim revealed that reason she withdrew the case was that the dealing clerk (Drimpoen) in the police station had indirectly threatened them saying that it would hamper the future of their son as he might not be able to get NOC.

This frightened them so much so that they withdrew the case. But the OC denied the allegation stating that such a thing had not happened. Then on May 4, the father of the victim had gone to register the case again and the case was registered. 

But both the victim and the alleged suspect were never called to the police station for investigation instead the police along with the OC had gone to the suspect’s house and visited the victim in the hospital for recording of details. 

When the victim’s husband had asked the OC why the suspect was not summoned to the police station for the verification, he was told that there was no such protocol or rule. 

The OC said the reason for the delay in charge sheeting the case was because of the delay in receiving the medical report from Trashigang hospital. “We received the medical report on May 20 and the next day the case was forwarded to the court,” he said.


According to the victim, it’s been between three to four years she has been verbally abused and harassed by the suspect. But this recent incident which has been recorded in a video clip and shows the suspect hitting the victim first, happened when the victim’s husband failed to feed the dogs kept by the drangpon during Tsechu. In the past, the victim’s husband at the drangpon’s order used to feed the dogs kept by his family but when they missed out once the night guard informed the suspect that the victim’s husband had given an excuse for it following which the suspect got angry and picked on it at the time of the case of battery.

After the incident, the victim and her family have rented a house near the town because of the fear that she might be attacked again. 

The victim revealed that when the suspect was happy she would give clothes for her children but if she got angry she would take them back. It happened over three times.

Meanwhile Business Bhutan contacted the drangpon’s wife who she said she would only comment after the verdict has been passed and until then she has no comments.

Chencho Dema from Thimphu