DPT reveals north Tsirang candidate

The Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) introduced its candidate for Sergithang-Tsirangtoe constituency, north Tsirang yesterday.

Kewal Ram Adhikari, a 49-year-old from Tashicholing village under Phuentenchu gewog, Tsirang who completed Bachelors in English and environment from Royal Thimphu College this year, is a businessman.

“If you want to make a difference in your society and country, you need to come forward and participate in the process of democracy which has been gifted by our King,” said the father of four sons.

The newly selected candidate who will contest the 2018 elections said it is a bigger forum to make a difference. “I am not from a rich family nor do I have wealth. I am just small businessman but in my small way I want to serve my king, people and country and this is the best platform,” he said.

He said this motive drove him to join politics. “Next was to look for the probable party where your sentiment and thinking matched. In that process, I landed up with DPT.”

He further said that the party slogan, “Equity and Justice” struck a chord with him.

“I have my own share of things that I wanted to do but yes, I will have to abide by the party norms. And when the day comes what I can actually contribute will become public,” he said.

He got interested in politics in 2008 when he completed class XII in Kelki Higher Secondary School. Since he did not have a degree to fulfill the criteria, he could not pursue his dream.

“I started educating myself,” he said.

Kewal Ram Adhikar is a self-made man. He was just a little boy when both his parent passed away. He was the youngest from seven sons and he also has four sisters. Although his brothers helped him study till class V, he started earning money by doing various odd jobs for his own education. He completed class X in 1991 in Paro Central School. He could not study further due to financial problems and also because of the extra responsibility of being a family man, he started small business furnishing. Later, he ventured into cosmetic business but never gave up on his education.

After six years, he continued his studies and completed high school in 2008.

“I went through a lot of hardships, and I am happy I went through that because it really teaches lessons in life. It gives you wisdom and strength to move forward in life,” he said.

An extremely motivated man, he is ready to face the upcoming elections.

“I am ever ready. Whether I lose or win, that is secondary; the important thing is participation. And to inform people what we want to do for them and for the country.”

Pema Seldon from Thimphu