Dish8Door makes food delivery fast & easy

With the Bhutanese becoming increasingly tech-savvy, Dish8Door, an online food delivery system has gained popularity in just a month after it was incepted.

Dish8Door is a delivery service with the motto ‘You Pick, We Deliver’ and aims at delivering happiness.

Dish8Door functions as a mobile application for ordering meals from the restaurants in Thimphu. Currently, the delivery service is in collaboration with 22 restaurants and two bakeries; however, they plan to expand to more restaurants in the future.

Some of the popular restaurants are Yummies, CFC, Ama restaurant, Tandin Hotel and Chopstick among others while the two bakeries are Rolling Pin bakery and Lama Bakery.

The business has already receiving positive feedback from the customers. Though delivery system by individual restaurants still exists, this is the first of its kind in Bhutan using an app.

Talking to Business Bhutan, one of the proprietors of Dish8Door, Ngawang Tobgay, said that with changing times, time has become money. While people hate the hassle of looking for a parking place, waiting for food to reach the table and sometimes having to change restaurants. “That is when the idea clicked,” he said. “I have faced all these problems myself and am thankful for all these experiences which made Dish8Door a reality.”

Ngawang Tobgay said that the man behind the app is his partner, Sujit Kumar Rai. According to Ngawang Tobgay, Sujit Kumar Rai shared a similar idea to start a delivery service and also had a prototype of the app ready for business. He said that prior to the launch of the app, he was taking orders through phone calls and using Facebook.

“Sujit Kumar Rai is a software developer by profession and dreamt about making Bhutan smart,” said Ngawang Tobgay. He added that while he looks after the marketing part, his partner is the technical  brain.

To use the app, the customer has to download the app from google play for Android phone users and app store for IOS users. One can place orders by simply clicking on the kind of food one wants and from which restaurant they want it from after which the customer needs to give their address and contact information for the delivery.

When the customer clicks on the app, Dish8Door gets notified of the order and gets the food delivered within 45 minutes. “All the restaurants that have collaborated with us have their menus punched in and these are available without any discrepancies in the prices,” said Ngawang Tobgay.

He said that the most challenging part of having such an app is that not many restaurant owners are familiar with such services. “We have a hard time convincing them and making them familiar with the service,” he said. He also added that another major challenge is obtaining the proper address of the customers and also incorporating changes in the menu and timing of the restaurants.

Currently, there are four employees in Dish8Door. While one focuses on the technical side, two are delivery guys and one focuses on marketing the business.

In the future, Ngawang Tobgay plans to take Dish8Door to all the Dzongkhags.

The delivery costs Nu 40 within town area and Nu 80 outside of Thimphu, like Taba, Hejo, Babesa, among others.

Lucky Wangmo from Thimphu