Dhamdhum Industrial Park ready for industries

Dhamdhum Industrial Park ready for industries

Promoters who have applied for plots in Dhamdum Industrial Park can now start with their industries. Applicants who have completed the approval procedures can start in pocket A.

Once the National Land Commission (NLC) completes the procedure by allotting the plots, they can start operation, according to Project Manager Sonam Zangmo.

However, the Industrial Infrastructure Development Division (IIDD) under Department of Industry is yet to complete basic infrastructure like water and power supply. Officials from the department said that most of the basic facilities are in place and industries can start if they can. Water supply will be arranged temporarily from the nearby river which is very feasible. Also, electricity can be tapped from the transmission lines.

Due to elevation of the park, promoters can make temporary roads for transportation.  So far boundary walls including river training works at the right bank of the park, estate management office, security quarters and primary roads are complete in pocket B. Around 20 acres of the land is reclaimed through two packages in the pocket.

The department has to realign 11KV transmission line which starts from the estate. The work was awarded to Bhutan Power Corporation and 80% of the work is completed.

So far, Department of Industry has received 33 proposals of which seven are forwarded to NLC Secretariat for approval. The remaining has asked for time extension as they are yet to complete the approval formalities. Most of the remaining applicants are still stuck with environment clearances, the official said.

The infrastructure development is expected to end by the 12th plan. Ninety-two acres can be allotted to the applicants in the park. The park will be developed into three pockets; pocket A is currently prioritized for development.

Meanwhile, a saw-mill and workshop is already in operation in pocket C. The department will shift to pocket A where the facilities are in place.  

The allotment will be done based on the area requirement of the promoters. Initially, the promoters had applied for two acres but now they are requesting the area based on the size and activities. So, DOI cannot predict the number of plots. The department is reviewing the plot requirement for allotment.

Interested promoters are still allowed to apply which the department is planning to announce. “The department will assess the total plots required by the current proponents and excess plots will be awarded to new applicants,” Sonam Zangmo said.

So far, the primary road and all the remaining works of water and power distribution and internal road will be awarded under a single package as the works must move simultaneously.

The remaining works include internal roads, water distribution network and street lighting. The work will be carried out in a single package. Nu 536mn budget has been allocated for the development of the park. The work will be submitted for Electronic Government Procurement.

The development of pocket B will also be started simultaneously after assessing the feasibility, the official said. There will be landfills in the pocket which is located in between two rivers.

Works in the 349-acre park began in August 2016. It is one of the four Special Economic Zone (SEZ) projects in the country under the project tied assistance from Government of India worth Nu 300mn. 

Krishna Ghalley from Samtse