Commuting the road along Amochhu turns nightmare

Driving along the right bank of Amochhu has become a nightmare for the people due to deteriorating road conditions. The road which is filled with potholes and water has also affected business communities along the stretch.

Around three kilometers of road from Youth Development Fund’s building till Bangey within Thromde has been in horrendous condition for years. Around 30 automobile workshops and service centers, 10 cement agents, warehouses and small manufacturing plants are located along the stretch. The narrow stretch and the pothole-filled road cause traffic congestion, according to the business community. Inappropriate parking along the road also delays vehicle movement flow which takes almost an hour sometimes to reach the town. Without proper drainage, the water gets clogged along the potholed road.

The road is also being used by the NHDCL’s low-income housing colony residents in Amochhu. Around 160 families reside at the colony. Swollen streams due to heavy downpour haveworsened the road condition making it difficult even for heavy vehicles to use the road. Almost a thousand light and heavy vehicles use the road to commute every day.

Some tenants have resorted to staying at other places until the situation improves. Prem Dhungyel, tenant of the NHDCL colony has been keeping himself with his cousin in Jaigaon, India for almost a week. He said that the road condition and traffic congestion has caused delays to reach respective offices and duties. His car’s condition is also bad. Also frequent power disruptions and absence of continuous water supply at the colony causes inconveniences. “The situation is unfavorable as we cannot drive our cars along the road. I will move back after the situation improves,” Prem Dhungyel said.

The business community is also equally affected. Karma Wangdi Tamang, workshop owner said that the water, road and electricity being basic amenities needs to be taken well care by the Thromde. “No prompt action is being taken. Everyone is affected,” he said.

Earlier, the road leading to a project site below the workshop was being used by the vehicles. But the heavy rainfall has destroyed some parts of the road therefore now, the traffic is being diverted from the single road. Also, another road, which connects to the road to the hospitalis damaged. Currently, there is only one lone road for drivers.

Meanwhile, some business operators have repaired the road infront of their respective sites. For instance,TCD Private Limited has maintained the road using concrete and also constructed drains.“We managed to repair it but again it is turning bad. Everyone uses the road, none comes forward to repair,” the staff said. 

Also, the drivers fear heavy maintenance cost to their vehicles. “We are waiting for better road network. It is really disappointing,” a driver said. 

The lone road is being used by villagers of Phuentsholing and Logchhina gewog and the people travelling to Samtse. Department of Road is currently constructing a new road from YDF to Bangey to connect with Phuentsholing-Samtse National Highway.

The work on Amochhu Township Development Project is underway. Before the project is completed, the road will not be repaired.

Krishna Ghalley from Phuentsholing