Many parents unhappy over government’s decision on board exams

Board exams to be held within mega zones under Thimphu Throm

The board exams were originally scheduled for February 14 to 28, but were postponed to February 28 till March 12

For a large Throm like Thimphu, where the majority of the students are day-scholars, students of class X and XII will take their board exams in schools that have been identified within their own mega zones, according to the Ministry of Education (MoE).

However, in the case of boarding schools it should be ensured that all students take their exams while under full containment mode.

”If there are day-scholars, these students should be contained with the other students,” states the notification issued by the Office of Secretary of the MoE on February 15.

Forinstance, Dechencholing High School and Nima School in the North Mega Zone have been designated as examination centers for students who live in the North Mega Zone but are attending schools in another zone so that students don’t face any sort of inconveniences.

Andfor those students residing outside Thimphu like Hongtsho and Bjemina, they will be made to come and stay within the city near their examination centers for which the education ministry will make provision for them.

Meanwhile, the board exams were originally scheduled for February 14 to 28, but were postponed to February 28 till March 12 due to the lockdown across the country.

Manystudents were relieved by the postponement as they were worried about writing exams at a time when the entire country was ravaged by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Karma Yonten, the Head of the Office of Performance Management under His Majesty’s Secretariat said, “If we can design a method that allows the students in their respective resident zone to give their board examthere itself, it would be ideal.

”In that manner, according to Karma Yonten, a lot of inconveniences would be eliminated, especially for those who live and attend other school in different parts of Thimphu.

As the board exams cannot be postponed or cancelled at this time, headded that it is thus essential to prepare ahead of time.

Accordingto the MoE’s secretary, Karma Tshering, the preparations for the worst-case scenario of Omicron breakout were adopted following different meetings with the Prime Minister, the National Covid-19Task Force (NC19TF), and the Ministry of Health.

“Our main goal is to avoid any movement throughout the exam period inorder to conduct smooth flow of the board examinations and as well to prevent the virus spread,” he said.

“The plan was adopted to prepare for the worst-case scenario of an outbreak of an Omicron and to ensure that all students are able to complete their exams with certainty and a high level of safety,” headded.

Meanwhile, conducting the board examinations within the zones is one of the four plans developed by the MoE in the worst-case scenario of the Omicron.

The other three strategies state that if the school is unable to accommodate all day-scholars, the examination rooms for day-scholarsand boarders should be separated so that boarders and day-scholars are not mixed.

Further,day-scholars are to be asked to arrive at school before the examinations and leave immediately afterward, and avoid contact withthe general public with regard to schools in the low risk areas. 

Tshering Pelden from Thimphu