BNBL embarks on a transformative journey with new logo

BNBL embarks on a transformative journey with new logo

In a landmark event that brought together esteemed guests, shareholders, stakeholders, and employees, Bhutan National Bank Limited (BNBL) proudly revealed its new logo, marking a pivotal moment in the bank’s 27-year history. The unveiling ceremony, hosted at BNBL’s headquarters in Thimphu on March 27, heralded the beginning of a transformative rebranding initiative aimed at reinforcing its commitment to excellence and customer service.

The ceremony’s chief guest, Chairman Karma Tshiteem, expressed his gratitude for the unwavering support BNBL has received over the years and underscored the significance of the new logo. It stands as a testament to BNBL’s dedication to the financial well-being of its customers, encapsulating the bank’s foundational values of trust, reliability, and security.

Chairman Tshiteem elaborated on the logo’s symbolism, viewing it as a beacon of change for the better. “It’s a promise of top-notch financial services enabled by technology, allowing transactions from anywhere, at any time,” he explained. The revamped logo also signifies a deepened commitment to fostering enduring client relationships.

Echoing the chairman’s sentiments, BNBL’s CEO highlighted the rebranding as a testament to the bank’s integrity, reliability, and customer-first approach amidst evolving financial landscapes. “The new logo embodies our vision and values, reaffirming our role as your trusted partner in your financial journey,” he stated, emphasizing the bank’s pledge to its shareholders, customers, and business partners.

Dorji Namgyal Rinchhen, Director of Customer Experience, discussed the logo’s role in enhancing customer interactions, promising a significant, seamless, and satisfying experience with every engagement. He extended his thanks to the attendees for their support, which remains crucial in BNBL’s pursuit of growth and innovation.

The event also gave a nod to M/s Wangyel Studio for their creative contribution in designing the new logo and Norling Events for organizing the ceremony. The CEO thanked both partners for their commitment and efforts over the past year.

As BNBL steps into this new chapter, the management said that it reaffirms its dedication to core values and to surpassing the expectations of its customers, shareholders, and partners. The launch of the new logo is more than a change in visual identity; it represents BNBL’s ongoing commitment to progress, innovation, and setting new benchmarks in banking excellence.

Looking forward with a revitalized mission, BNBL is poised for the journey ahead, driven by its enduring values and dedication to serving the people and nation of Bhutan.

By Sangay Rabten, Thimphu