Bhutan Nail Spa – a beauty treat for your fingers

If you need any kind of nail and beautification services, then Nail spa would be a perfect walk in for you.

Located next to the Bhutan Broadcasting Services (BBS) office, below the Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) in Chubachu, the one-room cozy apartment houses the Nail spa which Dechen Pelden and her husband Tenzin Dorji founded in 2016.

Bhutan Nail Spa is the first nail spa in Bhutan which caters to beautify nails and also provides nail treatments.

A must-visit for those with fancy nail fetish, they provide services like pedicure, manicure, nail extension, gel nail art, fungal treatment and ingrown toe nails. Their pedicure and nail extension with art is popular among clients.

It takes an hour for both pedicure and manicure while nail extension takes two hours.

Dechen Pelden, 32, there are other salons offering nail services but they specifically specialize in nails, their passion.

“All photos shown on our Facebook page are of the actual work that I do. It takes skill to be able to create the nails on oneself.  I both paint and model my own nails,” she said.

Dechen Pelden and her husband enrolled in the International Institute of Wellness Study, a renowned and professional institute in India. After finishing his training, He decided to open a nail spa in Thimphu.

“Gradually, I started helping and also learning from my husband. I guess my interest and passion for the work led me into this business,” she added.

However, the couple also gives free treatment for fungal infections.

Very recently they started home services. Nail Spa is open from 9am till 6pm depending on the appointment schedule.

Talking about future plans, they do have a few depending on the status of current business.

Reviews from their clients on Facebook stated, “very professional, perfect finish, pleasant hosts – nail spa is awesome.” Another client mentions, “They are really good in treating infected nails.” Tenzin Dorji is from Tongzang under Trashiyangtse while Dechen Pelden is from Thimphu. They have three children. 

Chencho Dema from Thimphu