BCCI forms committee for private sector development

The Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding yesterday on forming a committee of 11 different sectors association for private sector development in the country.

This committee will come together and discuss the issues faced by the individual sector and form collective recommendations which can be implemented for the smooth functioning of all member sectors. The committee will represent all the member sectors and approach the government whenever government interference is felt necessary. 

BCCI’s Secretary General Sangay Dorji said the issues faced by the individual sector have either remained unresolved or resolved without set procedures.

“Many things were happening in fragmenting manner since these sectors function based on their own mandate. The impact on private sector development till now has been minimal. Such committee was felt necessary and it’s time for us to unite and work together to resolve the issues faced by each member sector,” Sangay Dorji said.

Despite numerous issues being faced by these members so far, without such a committee, most issues had been left unaddressed which still exist. The committee after the meeting on a quarterly basis will discuss on the various issues confronted by the members and will deliver the resolutions on the actions to be taken.

The committee has also agreed to meet during needs and emergencies when a member sector encounters pressing issues.

 The committee will also act as a bridge between the government and private sector in informing the government policies. Still, it is believed that most of the policies have not reached to the public and the committee aims to reach those policies to them and keep them informed.

 “The committee will also be a guide and advisor to the government on forming policies which will help the private sector and the public. We are looking at everything that we can do to the private sector,” Sangay Dorji said.

Krishna Ghalley from Phuentsholing