Bad road conditions frustrate villagers of Ghaling and Yobinang in T/gang

Bad road conditions frustrate villagers of Ghaling and Yobinang in T/gang

Villagers say the road has not been improved for more than 10 years

While the two villages of Ghaling and Yobinang are just 26km away from the main Trashigang town, residents of these two villages say they have been left aside when it comes to the maintenance of farm road.

They say that they have never seen the farm road being improved despite seeing changes in local leaders over the years.

According to the villagers from these two chiwogs, concerned authorities have failed to look upon the farm road maintenance and it’s not known whether the road would be improved.

According to the residents here, the road which connects Ghaling with Changmey was established in 2001, and the road from Yobinang to Ghaling was built in 2013.

And with the beginning of the rainy season at this time of the year, villagers especially with vehicles are worried that the bad road, which has remained the same over many years, could pose a risk to their lives and would even damage their vehicles.

Villagers from Ghaling said the condition of the road has remained poor for more than 10 years now. 

While villagers said there are two roads that connect to Ghaling village through Yobinang and Changmey, both the roads are of the same conditions and they have never been improved.

A driver from Ghaling, Jigme Wangdi, said concerned authorities have changed over the years, but each of them failed to improve the road conditions.

Besides the road needing improvement, he said even there are no drains along the road side. 

Another driver, Pema said they have been complaining about the road over the years but nothing was done.

“We hope with the new leaders there will be some improvements,” he added.

According to another driver, the road from Trashigang to Changmey is good, but once the road connects with Ghaling then it is really bad. There have been a lot of complaints about vehicles getting damaged.

A former Tshogpa, Rinzin Tshewang also admitted that the two roads towards Ghaling have not been maintained until now.

“Even the gewog office this time has been reluctant to improve the road conditions. A farm road was brought up in 2013, which covered 5km from Ghaling Lhakhang towards Ghaling Goenpa. But the farm road till Ghaling or from Ghaling to Goenpa has never been maintained,” he added.

Because of the road getting muddy during the rainy season and the bad conditions, some of the villagers say the crops that they harvest never reach the market as they are not able to transport them.

“We work hard daily just to grow some crops, but it’s difficult and we are not able to transport the crops. We have problems traveling and ferrying our crops to the market,” said a farmer, Wangdi. 

Sonam Tashi from Trashigang