<strong>Aspiring NC women candidates getting prepared</strong>

Aspiring NC women candidates getting prepared

The political climate is heating up as the country  draws closer to the 2023 National Council (NC) elections. Aspiring women candidates for the NC have been given a two-day leadership workshop by Bhutan Network for Empowering Women (BNEW) to hone their skills and prepare for the 2023 NC elections. The aspiring NC women candidates are eager to contribute and can’t wait to represent their communities and help the country’s development. 

Aspiring women candidates for the NC election are getting prepared for the actual electoral rollout.

One of the aspiring candidates is Tshering Tshomo, 39, from Zhemgang, a former teacher and business woman. With almost 14 years of experience as a teacher and a business woman, Tshering said, “I am almost prepared for the NC election; we now fully understand what the responsibility of NC is.”

Tshering said after a familiarization tour within the district, she now understands the people’s need and want after having been met with them from there she shared she was given enough aspiration and inspired to work hard to achieve the target. “I am the kind of woman who was born and brought up in a village where I witness all the hardship and difficulty of the people in the district,” she said. 

Tshering also said that she is willing to serve the people and the country without discrimination or prejudice against individuals.

Moreover, Tshering said that she met all the requirements of the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB).

Similarly, Dechen Lhaden, 43, is another aspiring candidate from Sarpang with work experience of more than 20 years. Dechen said that while contesting this year’s NC election, it was the perfect age where “I could do anything to help my community, and I can also share the problems of people with the nation.”

“With the introduction tour, I came to know a lot about community problems and the hopes of people,” she said, adding that it gives her strength to even work harder.

Namgay Pem, 39, is also an aspiring candidate for the NC from Sarpang with a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) from Tamil Nadu, India. She was a human resources (HR) manager, advertising manager, and marketing manager in the corporate office before becoming an entrepreneur.

Namgay said that participating in an election is an act of service because for this democracy to work, people need a choice when it comes to representation in government at all levels. “ I won’t say that I am prepared better than other candidates, but I have been giving it my all.”

Moreover, she said that as a mother of two sons, the eldest daughter of her family, and a businesswoman, she said, “I didn’t get enough time for preparation, but I haven’t let these situations deter me.”

“I have been making time for myself and preparing on my own to the very best, since I am finally doing something that I want to do,  I will give my mighty best here onwards as well,” aspirant Namgay said.🤍

Dorji Wangmo, 46, is an aspiring candidate from Monggar. She has a master degree in management and was the general manager of Natural Resources Development Corporation Limited (NRDCL) before resigning to join NC. She said, “Now I have come out to participate in NC from my constituency, I am fully working hard for that.” 

She also said that now she doesn’t know if she will win or not, but now she has come forward and is working hard toward it.

She also added that if there is anything she wanted to learn about, she would ask someone who was knowledgeable about it. 

Moreover, she said that her constituency had the highest number of gewogs, with 17. “Staying back at Thimphu and calling doesn’t work just by saying that I am participating.”

She shared during the introductory tour, “It’s difficult to meet people because they’re all working during the day. However, she said, “I somehow manage to meet them, and after they share their problems, I’m preparing for the upcoming election.” She also mentioned that a leadership workshop is part of their preparation.

Samten Zangmo, 39, is another aspiring candidate from Tsirang with nearly 12 years of experience in various fields. Aspirant Samten said that the introductory tour is only a portion  of the task, just touring within the respective district. “I feel like some components are missing in an introductory tour; I’m not sure about the common forum, but the workshop has helped me a lot, starting from very basic, beginning with hand movement. It has given me lots of confidence to work harder.” 

She said that she was putting all the lessons learned from different workshops together to make herself more presentable. “As of now, I could say I am not fully confident for the NC election, but there is still a lot to do and learn,” Samten Zangmo said, adding that she is in the process of preparing herself.

Meanwhile, there are seven women participating in the upcoming NC election, including two incumbent members. All of them have completed their introductory tours in their respective districts.

Nidup Lhamo from Thimphu