Ambassador Pema Choden talks on growing ties between Bhutan and UK

At the invitation of the Bhutan Society of the United Kingdom, Ambassador Pema Choden of the Royal Bhutanese Embassy in Brussels attended the traditional annual dinner of the Society in London on Wednesday.

The dinner was attended by over 70 members of the Society including about 23 Bhutanese students and residents in the United Kingdom. In attendance was Mr. Gareth Bayley, Director for South Asia and other colleagues from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the UK.  

Speaking at the event, Ambassador Pema Choden conveyed the deep appreciation of the Royal Government and the people of Bhutan to the Society for its contribution in fostering goodwill and friendship between the people of the two Kingdoms.

The Ambassador also briefed the gathering on recent developments in Bhutan and the growing ties between Bhutan and the United Kingdom.

The Bhutan Society was established on October 6, 1992 and is one of the oldest and largest                

friendship societies of Bhutan in Europe. It has over 500 registered members, with 48 Life Members. Bhutanese studying and living in the UK are also considered honorary members  along with the leaders of other European Friendship

societies. In addition to the annual dinner, the Society organizes regular lectures and other events related to Bhutan.  Sir Simon Bowes Lyon is the President of the Society and Mr. Andrew Sutton is the Chairman.

Staff Reporter