Agriculturist to contest for NC from T/gang

Twenty-five year old Ugyen Phuntsho will contest for the upcoming National Council (NC) elections from Trashang village in Bartsham gewog under Trashigang Dzongkhag.

Ugyen Phuntsho holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Population Studies from Sherubtse College from where he graduated in 2015.

He said he was waiting for the 2018 elections so he did not apply for any jobs. Instead, he went to his village and started his career as an agriculturist and also started working on a dairy farm project.

Ugyen Phuntsho said that back in his village, he has interacted with people and gained life lessons. He is also well aware about the issues that his community faces. “Trashigang is one of the largest Dzongkhags in the country and many locals depend on agriculture but agro-products have no access to market and this is a major problem.”

Ugyen Phuntsho also feels that Trashigang has the potential to be a tourist hub if its resources are harnessed properly.

As a responsible citizen of Bhutan, he intends to serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum and contribute toward strengthening the house of law.

Additionally, he wants to act as a bridge between his people and the government. “I have faith in myself that I can serve my country with full dedication as I have experienced the hardships faced by people while working as a farmer, business person and as a layman in my village.”

He has special respect for the NC as it is the highest lawmaking body in the country and the house of law revival.

If elected, Ugyen Phuntsho wants to frame laws that will benefit the society and country and he wants to represent the public voice public making it heard by the authorities.

Meanwhile, he said he has innovative plans and ideas to effect changes in Trashigang in terms of education, agriculture and business.

Further, Ugyen Phuntsho feels that now people are more experienced and have good knowledge regarding the elections. “I hope people will choose the best candidate capable of working with full dedication.”

He said, serving people will be his life-long endeavor and he will respect the people’s interest above all else.“I am confident that I can bring positive changes.”

Jigme Wangchen from Trashigang