A lawyer among NC aspirants from Punakha

Resolute that his legal background would come helpful if elected, Dechen Thaiye Dorji, 34, is another aspiring candidate who has come out to contest in the upcoming National Council (NC) elections this year.

The lawyer from Siluna under Tobesa Gewog in Punakha says he wants to contest for the NC elections given that the NC is a law making body.

“There are many issues being raised now a days and it has come to the day to solve such problems. With a legal background, I am confident that I can contribute,” he adds.

Dechen Thaiye Dorji graduated with BB (LLB) from the Karnataka State University in India and did his post-graduation at the Royal Institute of Management.

As a lawyer and having had dealt with many civil and criminal cases, he says there are solutions to solve these problems.

Talking to Business Bhutan, he said that he expects to be a bridge between the government and the people.

“I will serve from the core of my heart,” he added.

And on his chances of winning from Punakha, the lawyer said it would depend on the hands of the voters.

“But I think that people will have faith in me as I have served in a legal profession. But it will depend upon the choice of the people to elect the right person. From my side, I do not have anything to say about the previous NC candidates as they were serving well. But in a democracy, we have to take the opportunity to contest,” he added.

If elected, he says he would strive to solve the issues over land, domestic violence, and youth issue.

“In a democracy, people should select the best person who is capable and would bring benefits to them. If I am elected for the NC then I would solve each and every problem that the people of my Dzongkhag face,” he added.

Yenten Thinley from Thimphu