A prank gone wrong

A prank gone wrong

A knife and a prank gone wrong left a 60-year-old man dead in Gasa.

Meanwhile, the in-charge of Gasa police station said that the suspect has been charged for involuntary manslaughter by the police. 

The incident happened on the afternoon of July 12, when the deceased Lal Bdr Gurung and the suspect 30-year-old, Shacha Gyeltshen had gone to the labor camp of Gasa Dzong renovation project to meet one of their friends. They met their friend SonamZangpo who left to watch an archery match while two of them stayed back in his house.

Both the suspect and the deceased were seen together and were drunk before the incident as per their friends. The deceased was carrying a knife and a cucumber when the suspect had met him.

The 30-year-old had stabbed the deceased inside the house. 

What had happened?

Weeks back the suspect was involved in an argument with one of the residents of Gasa which resulted in getting punched in his eye leaving a bruise. On the night when the suspect and victim were talking at their friend’s place and drinking, the incident of the suspect getting punched and not being able to retaliate had surfaced. 

 The suspect when he jokingly demonstrated how he should have retaliated back then, stabbed the deceased by accident. The deceased Lal Bdr Gurung was stabbed on the right side of the chest and succumbed to injury. 

 On the same day of the incident, the suspect called up the Gasa police station informing that a man was lying in a pool of blood at a labor camp. The investigation team along with the medical officials rushed to the scene.

 During the investigation, it was established that the deceased Lal Bdr Gurung was stabbed on the right side of the chest with a sharp object and due to excessive bleeding he succumbed to injury. Upon the completion of the preliminary investigation, the body of the deceased was handed over to his ex-wife who works for Gasa PWD. 

 Finding the complainant suspicious and drunk during the time of reporting, he was detained for further investigation. Initially, the suspect denied his involvement, and also the weapon was not recovered. 

However, later the suspect confessed to his crime although he stated that the act was accidental and during the prank, the deceased was stabbed. The weapon, kitchen knife with the cover and a bloodstain on the knife were discovered a few meters from the crime scene.

During the investigation, it was also learned that the suspect had a criminal record. He was involved in attempting to vandalize a Chorten in Gasa back in 2014. Gasa district court convicted him to a year of imprisonment.The suspect is from Trashiyangtse and the deceased from Dagana. 

Chencho Dema from Thimphu