A business entrepreneur among NC aspirants from Dagana

A business graduate and business entrepreneur, Dawa Rigyel, is one among the many aspiring candidates from Dagana who has declared to contest in the upcoming National Council (NC) elections this year.

Dawa Rigyel, who has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from College of Arts and Science, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, is confident that he can best represent Dagana Dzongkhag.

“This is going by the good will and wishes from the people of Dagana, unconditional support from my family and friends, and ultimately belief in myself. At this moment, the time has eventually culminated in my aspiration to run for the NC 2018 elections,” he said.

After graduation in 2015, Dawa Rigyel returned to his hometown in Dagana, which he describes as a way to give back to his place and people.

Coming back to his village in Khagochen under Kana Gewog in Dagana, he started working with Ready Construction, a private construction company based in Dagana, from 2016 to 2017. He then took full charge from planning and management to the execution of construction projects.

“Manning and travelling to construction projects at different locations of Dagana, I had the fortune of working closely with people and have the understanding of places at length, their distances and difficulties, conditions and constraints and opportunities and prospects,” he said.

“Over and above, during my school vacations and life after graduation in the village, I also extended my helping hand as a responsible son to my parents in farming. I have been a farmer and I know what it takes to become a one. My touch with rural lives and livelihood is still fresh and the hardships and experiences I have endured and enjoyed as a farmer is vibrant and rich even today,” he added.

Dawa Rigyel also applauded the former policy makers for all their achievements and successes and for the changes that he had observed travelling across Dagana.

“Much has been done and many more has to be continued and reviewed still. It is here I have made up my mind to declare my candidature as a NC candidate and offer people of Dagana the choice they will never regret,” he added.

Having born, raised and worked with the people in the field, Dawa Rigyel said he had the privilege of meeting, knowing and working with the people of Dagana. “I have been there during their challenges and circumstances. This is my strength,” he said.

If elected, Dawa Rigyel said he would committedly work to fulfill the wishes and aspirations of His Majesty the King and that he would work in close association and collaboration with the 17 NC aspirants from Dagana Dzongkhag towards renewing, reviewing and aligning the hopes of people of Dagana.

“I would listen and consult with everyone always, especially when we disagree. Your voices will be the choice I shall carry forward to the upper house,” he added.

Staff Reporter from Thimphu