39% of graduates pass the prelims

Thirty nine percent of the 3,600 graduates who appeared for the preliminary exams (PE) have qualified for the BCSE. The cutoff point was 50%.

The PE this year screened 3,256 graduates, qualifying 1,259 graduates to sit for the main examination on October 11 -12.

The performance of graduates this year was much better than the performance of graduates who appeared PE last year.

In the previous year, of the 2,482 graduates who appeared the PE, 927 secured the 50% cut off. The pass percentage was only 27% last year.

A graduate from Gaedu College of Business Studies, Karma, said that the PE questions were different and tough this year. It is his second time appearing the PE.

He said that the PE questions of the previous years were much easier. “This year, the questions were all unexpected. Some of my friends who performed well in the college couldn’t perform in the PE.” She added that the Dzongkha part was a bit tough for her.

A graduate, Pema Dorji, who studied civil engineering in India, said that the PE this year was tough, even if he got through this year. “The problem part of the question was difficult for me.”

Last year, 3,409 graduates appeared the PE and 3,256 graduates appeared this year.

According to the RCSC, this year 210 colleges including nine colleges from 12 countries graduates appeared PE. Around 1,680 males and 1,576 females appeared the PE of which, 696 males and 563 females got through.

Meanwhile, 1,259 graduates who passed the PE will sit for the BCSE to compete for 683 slots in the civil service. This means, at least two graduates will compete for a slot in the main examination this year.

In the PGDPA category, 858 candidates competed for 45 slots out of which 247 candidates got through and in the Dzongkha category, 302 candidates competed for 104 slots out of which only 42 candidates secured above 50%. This means, 62 slots are excess.

Likewise, in the PGDFM category 661 candidates competed for 30 slots out of which 253 candidates got through and in the PGDE category 458 candidates competed for 145 slots out of 130 candidates made it with 50% plus. Ten slots are in excess for others.

In the technical category, 974 of them competed for 359 slots of which 587 candidates secured above 50%.

The Human Resource Officer with the RCSC’s exam division, Jigme Norbu, said that the candidates will be given opportunity to change and confirm their category during document verification and confirmation of candidature on August 27 for the main examination.

He said the percentage of graduates qualifying for the main examination has increased compared to last year.  “The objective of conducting the PE is to ensure minimum standard required of a candidate.”

He said that the exact number of candidates in each category would be confirmed after registration. “We allow the students to choose their category in the main examination as per their interest.”

The RCSC announced that the time for the candidates to appeal for the review of result is from August 22 – 28 and the results will be announced on September 5.

Kinley Yonten from Thimphu