Works begin at new Rani Bagan town in Sarpang

With works on around 13 structures including bungalows under full swing, the newly identified town of Rani Bagan (Sechangthang) in Sarpang is buzzing with activities these days.

The new structures comprise mostly three-storied buildings. The new town is expected to cater to the residents of sarpang and the nearby villages.

Of the three components within the town in Sarpang, the Rani Bagan Dzongkhag Municipal has completed the Local Area Plan, thus allowing people to start construction. The development of the LAP started from 2011.

Around 93 plots within the core area have been created by the Dzongkhag Municipal which will be distributed to individual owner.

Dzongkhag Municipal has so far issued 81 site plans, according to the Dzongkhag Municipal Engineer, Maridur Rahman. The Dzongkhag had received 32 drawings for approval in the town, where up to four-storied structures are allowed for construction in the core area.

“While 13 owners have started construction, the rest have to start within two years of approval. Otherwise it gets invalid,” he said.

The Asian Development Fund, meanwhile, is funding for the development of basic infrastructures like roads and water supply to the town. So far, construction of around four-kilometer road has been started and the municipality is also working on reaching water supply to the town. There is also a plan to construct a water treatment plant.

The remaining facilities like sewerage tanks, landfill, street lightings and solid waste disposal sites are scheduled for construction in the first year of the 12th Plan. Installation of all the facilities will complete by 2019.

Meanwhile, a plot owner, Sherab Zangmo, 51, is hopeful that the town located near the Gelephu-Sarpang highway will offer various services to the travelers.

Sherab Zangmo has already started the construction of her two-storied building six months ago and is slated for completion next year. She plans to rent her building for office and shops.

“The town will help nearby communities a lot,” she said.

Similarly, another land owner Sha Bir Raika, 57, has mobilized all the materials for a two-storied structure, which he expects to begin construction next month. He also plans to construct rental apartments in his two storied structure.

He said the communities after losing Sarpang town to flood have suffered without a proper town.

People, she said, now travel to Gelephu, 32 kilometers away from Sarpang.

“The new town will help them a lot,” she said.

Meanwhile, the swollen Sarpang River in 2016 had completely washed away all the shops in Sarpang town. The flood affected 63 households and a total of 220 people.

Krishna Ghalley from Sarpang