VTOB launches website

VTOB launches website

Teachers of Bhutan Volunteers (V-TOB) launched its website on the 113th National Day. The website includes features such as 10-pagesa- day reading journey, Five minutes of V-TOB, children’s reading and write-shop, Druk educationist, Lobthru Lamtoen, Lopen Lobthru Zhibtshoel, V-TOB conversations, and Drukyul’s education family. Five minutes of V-TOB is a platform for teachers and students which enables students and teachers to contribute creative, credible, and innovative online materials that will have a positive impact on society. “It is a YouTube Channel project,” he said.

Bhutan children’s reading and write-shop is an initiative to bring children together during vacations and inspire reading and writing habits. Through this platform, children will be engaged in various reading and writing activities.

Meanwhile, Drukyul educationist is a magazine where teachers will express on various themes. “It will invite teachers to write on pedagogical aspects, values, educational themes, and other creative themes,” said founder of V-TOB Sonam Norbu.

Sonam Norbu said the website will be the official page to update on initiatives undertaken by V-TOB including the 10-pages-aday reading journey. This particular initiative was launched in partnership with Drukyul’s Literature Festival to initiate a national reading movement: there are more than 4, 500 registered readers and 11 free open libraries across Bhutan.

“We will streamline everything through this website,” he said. The main aim of the website is to promote solidarity to transform challenges into opportunities through voluntary initiatives including enhancing, supplementing, and complementing educational opportunities and experiences.

V-TOB is a purely non-profit and unofficial voluntary group formed by teachers across the nation. It was founded with the sole purpose of volunteering services beyond self.

“His Majesty inspired the initiative by providing support for the way forward and also commanding that the group should stay intact, even after the pandemic and school closure,” he said adding V-TOB has played a role in providing continued education during the pandemic through BBS video and radio lessons and self-instructional material development with support from the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Education and relevant stakeholders.

“We had the privilege to present Nu 1, 246mn to the COVID-19 fund through the Prime Minister’s Office on March 12,” he added.

V-TOB even contributed Nu 3, 292mn to His Majesty’s Kidu Fund on the occasion of Teachers Day 2020. The amount came from voluntary contributions from CDEOs, DCDEOs, principals, vice-principals, teachers, and non-teaching staff across the nation.

Sonam Tashi from Thimphu