Voter turnout increases by almost 40k

Voters along with their voter identity cards wait to vote.

Druk Yul elected its National Council (NC) members yesterday.

The total voter turnout on NC polls 2018 was 234, 535 including 64, 912 postal ballots.

This was an increase of almost 40,000 votes from 2013. In 2013, 171,504 cast their votes through Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) and 23,967 through postal ballot: a total of 195, 471.

A total of 432,030 voters registered for NC 2018 of which 211,149 were male and 220,881 female. In 2013, there were 379,819 registered voters of which 187,020 were male and 192,799 were female.

However, there was voter turnout of only 80,307 for males and 89,316 for females in 2018. Postal voter turnout comprised 38,419 for males and 26,493 for females.

Out of 60,590 (30,001 female and 30,589 male) registered postal voters for the postal ballot facilitation and mobile booths, a grand total of 42,441 (20,637 female and 21,804 male) turned out to cast their vote on April 12-14.

A total of 699: 65 female and 634 male cast their vote in nine mobile facilitation booths and the rest in the 69 facilitation booths in the 20 dzongkhags with overall voter turnout of 70%.

Trashigang had the highest number of voters with nearly 47,000, this year while Gasa had the lowest number of voters with 2,000.

This year, 127 candidates contested in the NC elections while in 2013, there were 67 candidates.

Yenten Thinleyย from Thimphu