VAST holds summer art camps for youth in the east

To provide a creative platform for youths in the east and to promote contemporary arts, Vast-Yangtse will be hosting a month long summer art camp in various places in the east.

The summer art camp began in Yangtse on July 2, with a special photography lesson by Mr. Markus Wild, a professional art teacher from Switzerland. The six-day camp will end on July 7. 

Jigme Dorji, the founder of Vast-Yangtse said that such camps are organized in order to promote contemporary art and to engage youth meaningfully and productively during their long summer break.

The camp is organized by VAST-Yangtse with support from Royal Office of Media and sponsors from Switzerland.

Jigme Dorji said that it all began in 2017 through an art camp held at Draktsho-East in Kanglung.

According to him, different camps have different aims and objectives. “After the six-day art camp in Trashiyangtse, we will be conducting a week long camp at Sakteng, followed by a camp at Draktsho-East in Kanglung.”

Vast-Yangtse will be conducting contemporary art camp for the highland children of Merak and Sakteng for the first time. The theme of Sakteng art interaction camp is, “Inspiring the youths,” with the artistic means of drawing and painting, including digital photography whereby the participants will learn to communicate with the means of visual language in various ways.

Jigme Dorji said that the camp will make the students interact with various people in their community. “This will enable them to see their own unique culture in a new light and to better value and respect local specialists and traditional knowledge.”

Sakteng art camp- inspiring the youth is designed to inspire children living in Merak and Sakteng to achieve excellence in their life.

The main aim is to explore and promote contemporary art, to promote social responsibilities and life skills through art and to further artistic expression and appreciation.

In addition, a team from Project Pa Nyam Kaygay ‘Empowering and educating women’ will be a part of the camp to sensitize on women’s health and hygiene. The team will create awareness on the importance of menstrual hygiene and sanitary napkins.

The camp will be held from July 12- 17 at Sakteng lower secondary school.

Further, Vast-Yangtse will conduct a camp at Draktsho East-Vocational training center for special children and youth with the theme ‘Building bridges through art’.

“This camp will help break down the barriers between people living with and without disabilities. It will help erase the deeply embedded stigma where people think that the disabled cannot learn and earn a living,” said Jigme Dorji. “The camp will provide opportunities to interact through social and artistic interactions.”

He said that after the successful conduct of the first ever summer art camp at Draktsho in Trashigang in 2017, this is the second time that Vast-Yangtse is organizing the summer art camp in collaboration with Draktsho east.

The camp will be held from July 4-10 at Draktsho in Kanglung.

Meanwhile, the number of participants for Sakteng camp will be about 100 and 80 from Draktsho.

Vast-Yangtse is a non-profit art club founded by two teachers of Trashiyangtse since mid-2012. 

The club’s main objective is to create a platform for young art enthusiasts and also to engage them during leisure, weekends and holidays through artistic explorations and other socially useful and productive work.

So far, the club has trained more than 100 students in basic drawing and painting techniques.

Jigme Wangchen from Tashiyangtse