Udzorong Central School receives water filtration unit

Udzorong Central School in Trashigang recently received a sky hydrant water filtration unit from Disaster Aid Australia (DAA) the installation works of which were carried out by the Rotary club of Thimphu.

Vice Principal of Udzorong Central School said that the water filtration unit would ensure clean and safe drinking water supply to the students.

“Otherwise in summer, clean drinking water used to be scarce,” he said, “Earlier without a proper water source, many students would suffer from water-related diseases.”

Sky hydrant water filtration units are designed using patented low cost, low maintenance, long-life ultra filtration technology.

The systems are suitable for supplying safe drinking water in remote locations using both surface and ground water supplies.

Each sky hydrant water filtration unit costs AUD 13,000.

By April, three more schools in the country: Damphu Central School in Tsirang, Kabesa Middle Secondary School in Punakha and Phuntshopelri Primary School in Samtse will receive similar water filtration units including Bhutan Amateur Athletic Federation sports ground in Lungtenphu, Thimphu.

Rotary club secretary Yeshey dorji said that the water filtration system will ensure clear, safe and disinfected water as it removes bacteria, protozoa and pathogens.

So far, six schools have received the industrial sized filters across the country.

Yeshey dorji added that the sky hydrant filtration units are light-weight and easy to transport, requires no power to operate and can be set up and run by a non-technical person.

The Rotary club of Thimphu has also invited the founder of DAA to visit Bhutan and see how effectively the club has implemented his donations across the country.

With the visit, the club hopes that the agency will donate more filters through which schools in Bhutan will have access to clean and safe drinking water.

“Four new sky hydrant water filtration units will arrive in the country by end of March 2018,” said Yeshey Dorji.

Udzorong Central School has 650 students.

Jigme Wangchen from Trashigang