Travellers upset with existing protocols at Phuentsholing gate

Travellers upset with existing protocols at Phuentsholing gate

Commenters claimed that protocol needs to change

The existing protocols for entry and exit from Phuentsholing gate needs to change as most of the commuters get delayed to reach their destination on time.

The travellers going to Samdrup Jongkhar, Nganglam, Panbang, Gelephu, Gomtu, and India from Phuentsholing gate have to follow the exit and entry protocols these days.

However, commuters have to stay in a queue for hours to fill up the formalities. An official from Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA), police, and Dessups enter the details of travellers for the record and are escorted by Dessup to their destinations.

Longer distances travellers and trucks are sent early but private cars are sent later. “This entry protocol takes time making travellers wait till 10.00 am or even longer quite often. These protocols delays reaching destinations,” one of the travellers said.

Bhutanese travelling to India shared that they are worried about catching up on flights and trains as the gate entry takes a longer time.

A Jumbo Driver, Lungten Penjor said the travellers have to wait for a long at the Phuentsholing checkpoint and it delays their journey.

“The travellers often have to wait till 8.30- 9.00 am after reporting at 6.30 am at the gate,” he said adding that if travel entry can be done early by 5.30 am it will be convenient for us.

Gyembo from Gomtu said that the travellers from Phuentsholing to Gomtu have to travel with an escort timing. The escort team from Phuentsholing escorts travellers towards Gomtu in the morning and the same team escorts travellers from Gomtu to Phuentsholing in the evening.

“Travellers from Gomtu going to Thimphu having no private cars have to halt a night in Phuentsholing unnecessarily. This is due to delayed travel entry at Phuentsholing gate,” he said.

The residents of Phuentsholing, Karma Chogyal who travelled to Sikkim for a ritual for his late father said that the time-consuming exit system at the Phuentsholing gate is causing difficulties to the common people.

“Concern officials should look into the matter and ease the system,” he said.

Another resident from Phuentsholing recently travelled to India and had a tough time reaching the scheduled date. “I had to rush and reached Bogdora Airport when the flight was about to take off,” she said.

A Driver, Singye Dorji said that it seems entry time in Phuentsholing is late and their arrival time is delayed. However, he said there was no problem on the way, and travellers safely reached their destination with the escort team.

“It takes time to fill up formalities at Phuentsholing gate.”

Sangay Rabten from Thimphu