Trade license holders complain about renewal hassles

Trade license holders complain about renewal hassles

The regional trade office maintain that the announcement for license renewal was made three months back

A queue of people waits to renew their licenses at the compact Regional Trade and Industry Office (RTIO) in Thimphu at this time of the year. June 30 was the last date for license renewal.

It has been learnt that an individual has to wait about a week to renew the license despite the token availed earlier leading to a fine of Nu 20 a day for delay.

There is no problem with the renewal of the services, industries and constructions licenses as one can renew respective to the date of issue however, for the trading licenses it is mandatory to renew on or before June 30 despite different date of issue, said Officiating Regional Director, RTIO, Thimphu, Dhurba Giri.

“All the license holders can renew their licenses depending upon the date of the issue from next year,” he added.

“I was asked to come after six days from the date of issue of token, and we have to pay the fine although we came earlier,” said owner of Eureka Travel Agent, KuenzangThinley.

Another businessman Kezang said although people come early they are not able to renew their licenses.

Additionally, he suggested that the agency could employ more people and counters to cater efficient service delivery.

“It is not that one come for renewal on date, but there is no token and no one to cater the services on time,” said a businessman, Rohit Upreti.

He also said the online licenses services is also not working as OTP is generated half an hour later when the page is expired it cannot open again and the applicant has to visit the trade office.

People wait until June 30 and many people coming at once to renew their licenses at the trade office gives rise to difficulty in catering services said Offtg. Regional Director.

“It would be convenient if people act responsibly,” he said, adding Dzongkhag trade licenses holders also hardly come to avail the service when the trade officials visit their place.

In addition, he said the trade office notified three months before from April 1 to June 30 as the period for the renewal of licenses.

Offtg. Regional Director said it would not be possible to waive the penalty as it is government policy.

He also said the cash payment and renewal of licenses is not working as it gets rejected and has been reported to the banks.

Moreover, the RTIO requires additional manpower said Offtg. Regional Director as it has to do other activities apart from renewing the licenses.

The RTIO in Thimphu provides services to 70 tokens a day and renewal of the licenses is from 9 am-3 pm every day.

It also caters to six Dzonkhags namely Paro, Wangdue, Punakha, Gasa, Haa and Thimphu.

The renewal fees for industrial license is Nu 500 for cottage, Nu 1,000 for small, Nu 2,000 for medium, Nu 4,000 for large, and Nu 12,000 for travel agents.

Thukten Zangpo from Thimphu