Three gewogs in Dagana get power tillers

Three gewogs in Dagana get power tillers

Labor minister Ngeema Sangay Tshempo handed over six power tillers to three gewogs of Nichula, Karmaling and Lhamoizhingkha in Dagana this week.

The power tillers will be distributed to farmers in the three gewogs. Farmers till now have been using single power tillers. These gewogs were provided with one each in the previous years.

These additional power tillers are expected to increase interest in agriculture and boost farmers’ income.

Lhamoizhingkha Gup Surja Bahadur Limboo said that the gewog had been facing problems due to shortage of power tillers. He said now the farmers have the capacity to produce more crops.

Demand for the machine rises during peak farming season which the gewog had not been able to meet. Also the machine would help to transport goods in areas where other vehicles cannot ply. The machines will be supplied to farmers as per requirements.

Lhamoizhingkha gewog though has more than six power tillers including those owned by private individuals.

Three gewogs in Dagana get power tillers

Nichuka Gup Dilip Kumar Gurung said that the government’s effort to provide additional power tillers would impact the agriculture sector positively.

“Also, it would curb rural-urban migration since most of the people will be encouraged to take up farming jobs,” said Dilip Kumar Gurung adding that it would help in increasing per capita income of the farmers.

NIchula has more than 1,500 acres of arable land and agriculture is the prime source of income for farmers. There are eight private power tillers in the gewog.

Hiring a power tiller for eight hours from the gewog administration costs Nu 1,400 including fuel charges, So far, the government has provided 783 power tillers in 205 gewogs.

Krishna Ghalley from Phuentsholing