The “WoWs and Bowws” – All about misses

I have seen it all. I have listened to almost everyone, beginning from the debate on the manifestos. Or was it a discussion? From day 1, I knew where we were headed, that the “wow factors” would become “boww boww factors”. I saw this happening everyday, politicians who saw their “wow” factors become “bowws.”

I am not a legal expert. So when a representative of a party was questioned about the 15 billion stimulus capital that the party reportedly claimed to have, I said “Wow.” Then, the BBS anchor said, it is against the law. A short break and the representative had changed his narrative, which the BBS anchor also pointed out. The party does not have 15 billion. But they can get it immediately if they form the government, because their leader has several connections. “Bowww”. If a party forms a government, it would be the Royal Government of Bhutan. Except for His Majesty, there would not be any individual with stronger connections than the government.

I wish I was in Australia, so that I could invest in the Made by Bhutan in Australia hospital. I would be working in a hospital I have a stake in. “Wow.” But speakers on Economics of the Sun have not been able to explain how it would solve the country’s economic problems. I did what I have never done – reading a manifesto. I did not find an answer. Thanks to Tik Tok. Someone from Australia has spoken about the vagary of the Made by Bhutan in Australia hospital. “Bowwww.”

I wish I was a civil servant, a young one. After retirement, I could move into a house that the government would give as a parting gift for all the good work done as a civil servant. “Wow!” But there would be several civil servants who would be resigning. The civil servants will face the problem of choice as the party, if it forms the government will spread these houses all over the country. There will be retirement houses in Thimphu, Phuentsholing, and beyond. Will anyone prefer Thimphu over other places? Will a lucky-dip be used to determine who gets a house in Thimphu or will it be a singing competition?

I wish I was a teacher. I will have plenty of time to see my friends play archery as I do not. Then, I will have fun looking at my friends put their legs on the accelerator, trying hard to finish teaching what they have left behind.

I wish I turn 65 fast, so that I can avail Nu 3,000/ every month for having been a good parent and served the nation.

I now have a difficult task. I have to find out if I belong to the “Nyamchung” family or not. I am poor, but I do not know if I will qualify for the government sponsored scholarship to study in Australia. I can work and then invest in the Made in Bhutan Australia Hospital. It will be difficult for the party who wants to do this to find one “Nyamchung” candidate from households. Because most are dropouts. Maybe the party will provide them a crash course for a diploma or degree and then send them to Australia. If there are candidates, please ensure they return as most will be leaving their parents behind and the party has no plans to give Nu 3,000/ month.

But I am happy. Within years our GDP will rise, all roads will either be blacktopped and white topped (if one party comes to power). The poor will witness an economic boom in their homes and vicinity and service delivery will improve.

I am super happy because politicians at least spelled out one truth. People are losing faith in the pledges. They want to make a “Genja”. Wow! The politicians forgot that they were the ones who made the earlier pledges and the cause behind the “Genjas”. “Bowwww.”

By Tandin Wangchu

Chamgang, Thimphu

The views are my own and does not represent the organization that I work for.