The allowance pie

Most of the public servants are concentrated in the urban areas where house rents are shooting up yearly hence the government has proposed a house rent allowance (HRA) of 12% at the highest level to 127% at the lower levels of public servants.

Public servants at S2 (Supervisory Support categories) and above will get 20% as HRA on the revised pay and introduce a new HRA lump sum of Nu.3,500 for S3 and below including Elementary Service Personnel (ESP) while, term based appointments will get 20% and Members of Parliament (MPs), 30% of revised basic pay as lump sum.

Public servants those who are provided with designated official residence are not eligible to HRA.

The proposed pay revision also gives higher professional allowance to the teachers and health professionals. Sub-specialists to get 60% and specialists, 55% of the minimum revised basic pay.

The general doctors with MBBS, Dentists with Bachelors in Dental S but less than masters degree and practicing Drungtshos are provided with an allowance of 45% of the minimum revised basic pay irrespective of number of years of service.

The government has proposed clinical allowance ranging from 35% to 55% of the minimum revised pay for all nurses, Clinical Officer, Assistant Clinical Officer, Health Assistants, Pharmacist, and all technicians depending on the number of years served.

For teachers, the allowance has been revised from 35% to 55% on the minimum revised basic pay based on number of years served.

An additional allowance would also introduced based on government approved Bhutan Professional Standards for Teachers as follows, proficient teacher (10%), accomplished teacher (15%) and, distinguished teacher (20%).

There is also revision of radiation allowance to Nu. 3,000 per month from existing Nu.1,500 for health and veterinary technicians exposed to radiation by nature of their profession.

Health workers (nurse) would get uniform allowance of Nu.5,000 from earlier Nu. 4,500.

A night duty allowance for health workers was introduced at Nu.500 per night for attending night duty for 12 hours.

Public servants in aviation, Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), Royal Audit Authority (RAA), internal audit would get 20% professional allowance to minimum revised basic pay.

The government also introduced prosecutor allowance at 20% of the minimum revised basic pay as lump sum to the prosecutors stationed in the Office of Attorney General (OAG).

The heads of ACC, Election Commission of Bhutan, RAA and Royal Civil Service Commission would get special responsibility allowance (SRA) of lump sum Nu. 13,000 per month.

In addition, lump sum of Nu. 7,000 as SRA per month is revised for members and commissioners of the constitutional offices.

The stipend for the Bhutan Civil Service Examination selected graduates undergoing pre-service training gets revision of Nu. 5,000 per month from Nu. 1,500 per month.

Holders, members, commissioners of the constitutional offices, the government secretaries, Attorney General and the members of the Privy Council would get a communication allowance of Nu. 2,000 per month.

The communication allowance for heads of the department or autonomous agencies is revised from Nu. 500 per month to Nu.1,000 per month.

There is also new introduction of communication allowance of Nu. 1,000 per month for Personal Secretary (PS) and Personal Assistant (PA) of Cabinet Ministers and equivalent positions (Speaker of National Assembly, Chief Justice of Supreme Court, Chairperson of National Council and Opposition Leader).

Similarly, Nu.1,500 per month to Principal Secretary, Communication Specialist, PS, PA to the Prime Minister.

The government maintained communication allowance at the existing rate and discontinued allowance for one time purchase of mobile.

The discretionary allowance for the MPs is revised from Nu.0.100mn to Nu. 0.150mn per annum.

The driver allowance gets revision from Nu.0.050mn to Nu.0.075mn per annum for MPs and Dzongdags.

Fuel and maintenance allowance for MPs to increase from Nu. 7,000 per month to Nu. 10,000 per month.

Government pay revision introduces an officiating allowance of Nu. 5,000 per month for managerial position of P1 and above for Thrompons and Gups officiating for a continuous period exceeding minimum of three months and up to a maximum of six months.

There is revision of 30% on revised basic pay for regular contract employees. 

The heads of the constitutional offices and Attorney General provided with designated residence at Lhengye Densa would entitled for water and electricity expenses up to a maximum ceiling of Nu. 3,000 per month.

The Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, and other equivalent positions, heads of the constitutional offices and Attorney General provided with designated residence at Lhengye densa are entitled for a domestic help. The salary and benefits of domestic help would get revision at par with Elementary Support Professional.

Designated duty vehicle to introduce to the heads of the departments and autonomous agencies (position level EX3 and above) in addition to the existing position levels.

The Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and equivalent positions would remain same however, for MPs, constitutional offices, Attorney General, EX/ES-3 and above would get a lodging in one room and Nu.1,000 per day or lump sum daily allowance(DA) of Nu. 2,000 per day for in-country travel.

Daily allowance for public servants in P-level would get lump sum of Nu.1,500 and S-level and below at Nu.1,500 per day. The in-country training daily subsistence allowance would be Nu. 2,000 per day.

Government recommended 20% to 50% DA when food and lodge is provided for all public servants.

Public servants accompanying the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and equivalent positions would get 100% DA within the country and 50% while travelling outside the country.

The government proposed a uniform mileage of Nu. 16 per km to all the public servants however, for travelling allowance, it would require a minimum travel distance of 10km radius.

The porter and pony charges would be lump sum Nu.1,200 per dholam for the places with no motor road connectivity.

For the local government functionaries, government proposed travelling allowance and DA of lump sum Nu. 18,000 for Gup, Nu. 13,500 for Mangmi and, Nu. 6,000 for Tshogpa annually while travelling within gewog,.

Similarly, Thrompon will get Nu.2,000, Nu. 1,500 for Gup, Nu.1,000 for Mangmi, Dzongkhag Thromde Thuemi and Tshogpa as DA travelling outside gewog or thromde.

Dzongkhag mask and folk dancers to get monthly allowance of Nu.2,500 to Nu.3,500 and daily allowance of Nu. 700 to Nu. 1, 000.

If the pay revision bill is endorsed by the Parliament, it would be enforced from July 1.

Thukten Zangpo from Thimphu