Students of Jigme Sherubling Central School learn hair cutting skills  

More than 600 students and teachers attended the hair dressing training initiated by famous barber Ugyen Deepak of Trashigang town at Jigme Sherubling Central School in Khaling.

The one-day training included awareness programs on safe practices and risks involved in hair cutting.

The training gave students an insight into the use of proper and hygienic haircut practices while also making them aware of the high risks involved with unsafe practices.

With no hair dressing club in the school, more than 45 students from vocational clubs were trained on how to use hair clippers, a new technology for most of them. Safety measures of handling blades were also taught during the program.

Vice Principal of Jigme Sherubling Central School Ngawang Druda said that now the trained students will cater to the haircutting needs of the students and even the staff members.

He said that without a proper saloon, students used to face several challenges earlier. “But now the trained members of vocational club will help the students to maintain cleanliness and give hygienic haircuts.”

Ugyen Deepak volunteers at such initiatives as an expression of gratitude to the country for granting him Bhutanese citizenship.

He said that he volunteered to conduct the program, as he wants to encourage students to take the training as an opportunity to perfect their skills.

Additionally, he said that most of the students were still not aware that sharing of blades could lead to the spread of contagious diseases like HIV and hepatitis B.

“This kind of initiative gave him the best platform to advocate the students on safe practices as well.”

Meanwhile, Ngawang Druda said it is a good initiative as it would benefit especially the economically disadvantaged students in schools. “Moreover, the trained students can have an alternative career option in their near future.”

The students who attended the daylong awareness program are expected to give a haircut to other students and know about the economic opportunities in the hairdressing profession.

Ugyen Deepak also donated equipment like clippers, razors and aprons to schools at discounted rates.

The barber is planning to initiate such programs in other schools as well.

Jigme Wangchen from Trashigang