Six-day empowerment ceremony underway at Bartsham Chakdor Lhakhang

The religious ceremony will conclude on July 12

His Eminence Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche is conferring a six-day empowerment ceremony at the Bartsham Chakdor Lhakhang in Trashigang starting from July 7-12.

More than 8,000 devotes including the Dudjom Yangsi, tulkus, khenpos, lamas, monks, and the public are attending the religious event.

The conferring of the empowerment ceremony is considered necessary for the daily practices of monks and lay Buddhist practitioners in the Dudjom tradition.

The selected empowerments include Tshokyi Thukthig (the essence drop of the lotus born), Khandro Thugthig (the essence on Dakini), Namchag Pudrig (the thunderbolt razor), Throema (the wrathful female deity), Pudrig Regphungm (the razor disastrous touch), Raksha Theothreng (skull garland of Raksha), Zhithro Ngagso (the nourishing tantra of peaceful and wrathful deities), and others.

The empowerment ceremony is being held at the request of Sangdag Gyepai Ling Gomde monastery.

The coordinator of the religious ceremony, Sonam said that the Gomde monastery had requested the Rinpoche to bestow empowerment as the new gomchens (lay practitioners) did not receive any empowerment or oral transmission for their daily practices.

Sangay Rabten from Trashigang