Farmers in T/gang prepare for rice plantation

Rice cultivation begins in T/gang

Most farmers are optimistic about having a good production this time

The early rain and positive weather in the second week of this month have made the farmers in Trashigang optimistic as they started paddy cultivation in the district for this year.

For farmers in Trashigang, cultivating rice is a matter of pride and a sign of prosperity, which sustains their lives.

Some farmers say many have already started to cultivate rice last month with early rain this year.

They say the rainfall in the recent days has made the work on the field easier for the farmers in the eastern dzongkhag given that the majority of the farmers in the district use the traditional method to plow their fields and only a few numbers use power tillers.

Radhi Gewog in Trashigang, which is well known for its rice production, has farmers selling their local rice for Nu 90 to Nu 100 a kilogram.

Even the hotels in Trashigang serve Radhi’s rice to customers and some residents of Trashigang also purchase rice from Radhi. For those traveling from Trashigang to other parts of the country, many take Radhi rice as gifts.

A villager from Radhi, Kinley said they have started rice cultivation and everyone in the village is positive about the production this year.

She said she is expecting to produce extra this year, which she plans to sell in the market.

Another farmer said with the start of rice season, everyone in the village has already started their cultivation.

A resident from Trashigang, Phuntsho Dorji said, “I buy rice from Radhi’s farmers and so do a lot of others.”

He said, “I think Radhi is truly the rice bowl of Trashigang.”

A resident from Kanglung, Ugyen said the taste of rice from Radhi is different from those that come from other Gewogs.

She said she is planning to get some bags of rice from Radhi once the harvest season begins.

Meanwhile, some of the farmers from Shongphu Gewog are also cultivating Radhi rice in their village.

A villager from Shongphu, Dechen said she likes the taste of Radhi rice and she has already gathered enough seeds for rice cultivation.

She said she is presently working on another’s field and within a week this year she is going to plant Radhi rice instead of the usual rice from her place.

Another villager, Jigme Sonam said only a half of his field has been completed with rice plantation and he expects to complete it in the coming next week.

A kilogram of rice from Shongphu Gewog is priced at Nu 80 to Nu 90.

With rice cultivation having started in eastern dzongkhag this year, most farmers are optimistic about having a good production this time.

Sonam Tashi from Thimphu