Residents unhappy over TV cable signals in Trashigang

They say it is difficult to get the set-top box as the price has risen and it is expensive for them to watch with the digital TV system

The residents of some areas in Trashigang are complaining about the TV network signals in their areas and that they have been getting poor-quality videos. 

They say the problem has been going on for more than two to three months now. The TV cable network service in the affected areas is provided by Tshering Norbu Cable. 

One of the TV subscribers said when they complain about the signals not being clear, they are informed that it will be fixed, although the issue remains the same. 

“We complain when they come for the monthly bill collection but the issue is never solved,” a frustrated subscriber said. 

Another resident said when they ask about the reason for the channels not being clear, the bill collectors tell them it is due to not connecting to the digital TV where a set-top box should be connected to a TV. 

Residents say it is difficult to get the set-top box as the price has risen and it is expensive for them to watch with the digital TV system. 

According to another resident, Dorji, they were encouraged to install the digital TV system saying that it will provide a high-quality picture with better sound through a digital addressable system. That means to watch digital TV each subscriber will need a device called a set-top box near their TV. 

However, he said, “The issue still exists whether there is a set-top box or not. After complaining time and again, the signal was fixed but the signal problem was not solved.” 

A local from Trashigang said when he complained about the TV signal, he was also asked to install the digital TV system so that he will be able to watch High Definition (HD) channels through the use of a set-top box. 

“When I enquired to those households who have connected a set-top box with TV, they say they still experience the signal issue,” he added. 

A representative from Tshering Norbu Cable in Trashigang said people have not complained to them about the issue they are facing. 

She said the old wirings fall out and when the light goes off and on, the old wires break and lead to the problem. 

She said they have been replacing old wires with new and that maintenance is ongoing in the areas that use their cable services. 

“We have been working according to the complaints we get and we can’t solve the issue at once,” she said.

Tenzin Lhamo from Trashigang