Residents hope for development with Kholongchu colony construction

Residents hope for development with Kholongchu colony construction

Though pre-construction work at the Kholongchu Hydro Energy Limited (KHEL) project is completed, Trashiyangtse residents are worried that there are no signs of any major activities.

Some residents said they had high expectations from the project but in the last four years, there are no signs of any development.

However, residents in Yangtse said that the ongoing construction of colony in Doksum suggests that the project would materialize soon.

“We are glad that the project has not failed,” said a resident, Tshering Chogyal. “The construction of houses in Doksum gave us hope about the project though it has remained dormant for a long time.”

Since the beginning of the project pre-construction works in September 2015, the commencement of the colony construction is one of the latest developments at the project.

KHEL’s Joint Managing Director, Kencho Dorji, said that the construction of the colony will be carried out phase-wise. “The phase I of the colony would comprise 40 residential buildings (113 units) with five non-residential buildings for office, guesthouse, multipurpose hall and two clubs.”

The ongoing first phase of KHEL colony in Doksum is expected to complete towards the end of 2020.

Kencho Dorji, said that in addition to the 200 units that is expected to be leased from private plot owners of the new Doksum Township, a further 130 units will be constructed including some temporary accommodation units which will be converted into permanent residential units later.

He said that the project will rent only 120 units from private developers during the operation and maintenance period as there won’t be many staff during the period.

It was learnt that depending on the requirement, an additional 103 units (28 buildings) would also be constructed in the second phase.

About 500 employees would be accommodated during the construction and the number would drop once the project is commissioned and the main contractors leave.

Project officials said that once the office buildings in Doksum are completed, the main office currently located at Yangtse would be moved to the new Doksum Township.

The colony infrastructure is expected to be built in conformity to the traditional architecture facades and will showcase the co-existence of project structures with those of the local community, said an official.

About Nu 30mn was spent on connecting the water supply and sewerage system at the site.

In addition to Nu 100mn that was spent on developing approach roads to the colony, the construction of the first phase of the colony would cost Nu 504mn.

The construction of phase II includes the construction of a school and a BHU and the phase II entails an outlay of Nu 400Mn.

Meanwhile, land acquisition, coordination with stakeholders and construction of water supply infrastructure were some of the challenges in starting the colony, according to officials.

A total of about Nu 1.2Bn would be spent on the colony and related infrastructural developments.

Jigme Wangchen from Tashiyangtse