Residents gearing up to build three-storied structures in new Denchi town

Residents of Pemagatshel are busy preparing drawings and getting their designs through after the government approved them to construct higher than two-storied buildings in new Denchi town.

The requisition was submitted to the government by the residents after the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement (MoWHS) declared that residents can construct only double-storied buildings.

 The town’s business people said that they are glad that the government approved their request as now they will be able to provide flats for rent. Earlier they were not allowed to construct more than two-storied buildings.

Pemagatshel Dzongkhag Administration has allotted a total of 27 commercial and 78 residential plots to landowners and business operators at Denchi.

About an hour drive from the present Pemagatshel town, Denchi will be the new Thromde with about 113.50 acres of land.

All the plots were allocated as per the local area plan (LAP) prepared by the ministry.

A resident from Pemagatshel said the issue on the building structure is resolved and the government has approved to construct houses up to three-storied so that they could earn some income from rent.

Residents said they can construct permanent structures in the new township.

However, the owners will have to dismantle the existing structures after the town is shifted to Denchi.

Pemagatshel Dzongrab, Passang Dorji, said actually those who have received their plots were supposed to start the construction works from last year. “But the construction works were delayed since there was an issue on the building structure between the residents and the MoWHS.”

The Dzongrab said the residents have been preparing drawings and designs for construction of their houses and some of them have been approved.

“The new Pemagatshel dzong is supposed to be completed by June 2020 and we have discussed and requested the plot owners to complete the construction works by June 2020,” said the Dzongrab.

The present town that was established since the 1980s is a cluster of settlements; mostly grocery shops and restaurants located along the road.

According to the Dzongrab, the new dzong and town is being constructed in Denchi as the present town area is unstable, congested, and too small for expansion. “Due to limited space in the present town area, no major developmental works and expansion works were carried out.”

He added that Denchi has the capacity for town expansion and for major developmental activities. “The town has the potential to showcase our traditional architecture because 90% of our high-end tourists are cultural based and tourism is one major economy considered for the new town.”

Meanwhile, the residents of Pemagatshel are expected to relocate to the new Denchi township by June 2020 along with the completion of the new dzong.

The plots have been already demarcated in Denchi Thromde and allotted as commercial and residential areas to the people of Denchi, Pemagatshel and Khothakpa.

Jigme Wangchen from Denchi,P/gatshel