RBP clarifies physical test for officer cadets

RBP clarifies physical test for officer cadets

The Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) announced the availability of 15 vacancies including ten males and five females for Officer Cadets for the year 2023 intake on 24 January. A total of 41 applicants including 11 female candidates were shortlisted for the next level test, the so-called physical test of Officer Cadet selection 2023.

It was announced on 16 February that the shortlisted candidates must report on 17 February at 5:10 am.

Male applicants were asked to report at Opposite Village Restaurant, Babesa while female applicants were asked to report at Chorten Dangrim, Changjiji (opposite Lungtenphu RBA helipad).

However, some disqualified candidates who reported late for the test, are unhappy with the selection and some even posted on social media questioning – why there is no consideration for late reporting as the candidate got late information.

One of the candidates, an artist, Tandin Wangmo who had a dream to be a police officer since a few years back, posted on her Facebook page on February 16, questioning on unspecific communication. Unfavoured by the situation to fulfill her dream for the military post, she missed updating with the shortlisted announcement despite keeping herself alert.

She graduated from Jain University, Bangalore, India with a bachelor’s degree in forensic science last year.

Speaking to Business Bhutan, Tandin Wangmo said, “I missed seeing the shortlisted candidates uploaded on 10th February. I was very careful when checking and I seriously don’t understand how I missed it,” adding that at least RBP officials should mail informing shortlisted candidates.

“They got the time and resources to inform me that I got disqualified but do not have the resources to inform me that I got shortlisted,” she posted.

She got a call from RBP, in the morning of February 16 at around 9:30 informing her that she was disqualified for the next step selection. “It was heart-breaking news,” she said.

Tandin Wangmo was at Paro and immediately she headed to Thimphu to look for any possibility to convince RBP to sit for the physical test.

After investing for three years in studying forensic science with the hope to get into RBP, she posted, “my dream got crushed.”

She questions why police officials didn’t call the shortlisted candidates to report on this particular time and date right after the result was uploaded on the website.

She further questions RBP – what if the candidate lives in a remote place where the network connectivity is very weak?

“How is he or she supposed to check the website when the network isn’t good?” Tandin questions, recommending that there is a need to give enough time for candidates to travel to the selected venue.

However, the police official said that the selection process was as per the rules and regulations. The official said all the announcements were made on the RBP website and the office cannot pay attention to every candidate individually. “There is nothing unfair involved in the Officer Cadet selection,” the official said.

Meanwhile, Tandin Wangmo admits it was her negligence to miss the announcement. She said, “My post on Facebook was not to challenge the government or any institution. But it was to inform my supporters and youth about the situation,” she said.

Tandin Wangmo’s post went viral on social media with many different comments.

Sangay Rabten from Thimphu