Primary school children learn soccer

Primary school children learn soccer

This program is exclusively for students from classes one to three

Primary school students in Phuentsholing will receive regular football coaching to shake off from months of home confinement following prolonged lockdown in the border town and it was launched by the Phuentsholing Sports Association (PSA) early this week under its Grass Root Football Program.  

This program is exclusively for students from classes one to three.

“The Grass Root Football Program was mainly initiated to engage young children in physical activities as they have been idle for months at home with schools mostly closed,” said Sonam Lhagyel, the General Secretary of PSA.

Through this program, he hopes to bring young children together to learn about the wonders of football, which could be life changing for many. 

“PSA not only focuses on developing good players but also believes in community service, particularly by providing avenues for our children to learn sports and lead a healthy lifestyle,” he added.

Currently, class one students of Phuentsholing Lower Secondary School are engaged in the ground but two weeks later the same opportunity will be extended to other sets of students. The program will be running for a month, with each class receiving over an hour a day coaching time.

“We are only giving the playground and human resource, while parents have to pick and drop their children,” the general secretary said, “Due to the Covid-19 protocols, the parents are also told to bring their own refreshments.”

Bhim, a father, thinks it’s a wonderful initiative and timely, considering how his son was stuck at home.

“My son was waiting for the program to begin and now he can learn, play and have fun at the ground,” he said.

 A class one student from Phuentsholing Lower Secondary School, Sushant Dhal, shared how eagerly he had been waiting to enter the playground, which otherwise remains mostly occupied by older students.

“Now I am here playing at the ground and my wish is fulfilled,” he said gleefully.

Another parent, Rajesh, also thinks positively about this new program, suggesting it would be very effective in keeping children away from mobile phones.

“Now our children will be engaged in the playground rather than being at home and playing online games,” he said, “My son is very excited about this program and I hope it will change his life drastically.”

Meanwhile, the construction work for two new tennis courts and an outdoor basketball court has already started and it is funded by private companies under Phuentsholing Thromde. 

Sonam Tashi from Phuentsholing