Pocket A and C of Dhamdum IP fully developed

Two pockets of the Dhamdum Industrial Park (IP) in Samtse district has been developed, while one has been delayed due to risks from floods. Currently, Pocket A and C have been developed with an allocable area of 92.88 acres and 14.82 acres totaling 107.7 acres.

An official from the Department of Industry (DoI), MoICE, added that Pocket B could not be developed due to risks from flood.

Dhamdum IP has an area of 346 acres including the river Dhamdum. Dhamdum IP has been divided into three pockets such as A, B and C, according to the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Employment (MoICE).

The development of  Dhamdum IP is being carried out in a phased manner where Pocket A and C has been fully developed with all the basic infrastructures like roads and related amenities, power supply and the water supply for industrial and drinking purpose.

“The watch towers and the main gate with boundary walls have been provided for the overall safety of Industrial Park,” the official said, adding that, pocket B will be developed after carrying out a detailed feasibility study and once the vacant plots are filled in Pocket A and C.  

Meanwhile, the Ministry has announced interested proponents to apply for vacant industrial plot at Dhamdum IP, which is basically aimed at clean-tech manufacturing and production industries, according to the official from the DoI.

“The plot announcements were made for 73.3 acres of land available out of 107.7 acres with minimum project cost, excluding working capital of 20 million (mn),” said the official.

For instance, currently, the Ministry has issued a Land Provisional Letter of Interest (land allotment) to 44 promoters out of which 25 individuals are in various stages of obtaining sectoral clearance, signing of lease agreement, getting drawings approval and preparing to start construction on the site, amongst others.

In addition, 11 industries are under construction and 10 industries including automobile workshop services are in operation, according to the official from the DoI.

The official said that the vacant industrial plot in Dhamdum will have many advantages. “If one has to lease State Reserve Forest (SRF) Land then they have to seek community clearance which is sometimes not approved by the concerned community. Furthermore, they have to invest in water, roads and other utilities in their plot,” said the official.

“However, industries within the Industrial Parks are provided with location clearance and necessary basic infrastructures thereby reducing the burden on the promoters and making the site favorable for the promoters to set up their manufacturing plant with reasonable lease rent,” he said.

Meanwhile, the DoI assists and guides the promoters through all the procedures to establish their plant.

Each park has an Estate Manager that monitors the industries and provides assistance to them by putting up prominent and compelling issues regarding industries to the department.

Currently, there are no actual targeted numbers of promoters to participate in the vacant industrial plot in Dhamdum IP as the announcement is made in a way that DoI doesn’t know the land requirement of the project. The department only makes the announcement based on the available space at the site.

However, more than ten clean- tech manufacturing and production industries are expected to come up in the vacant industrial plot in Dhamdum IP.

Sherab Dorji from Thimphu