PM says govt. did whatever it could in ‘Learn and Earn’ program case in Japan

Prime Minister Dr. Lotay Tshering maintained that the government has done enough in the ‘Learn and Earn’ program case in Japan and there was nothing much now that the government could do.

During the Friday Meet yesterday, Lyonchhen said the government also has no intention of getting involved in the new findings of the two representatives from the parents’ committee who had gone to Japan to privately investigate the ground realties of the youths who went through the ‘Learn and Earn’ program.

“It’s their investigation and they are taking separate legal course against whatever has happened. There is nothing the government can do but whatever help and information are required, we are ready to render. Other than that we have no intention of getting involved. Now the issue is between the parents and the agent. The government does not see its role in it,” Lyonchhen said.

 Lyonchhen added, “Whatever needs to be done from the government’s side, we are doing and our concern is about ongoing students in Japan. We are trying to address their hardships and we will also get involved in making their future little easier and we are trying our best.”

Meanwhile, two representatives from the parents’ committee are back in the country after a 20-day long visit to Japan and they maintained that substantial evidence against the agent has been collected, Bhutan Employment Overseas (BEO).

Lyonchhen said the government ought to look forward from the issue of ‘Learn and Earn’ program instead of looking back on what happened.

“If we keep on looking back on the issue then even in the span of five years, media won’t be able finish writing news on the issue. Whatever it needs to help address the issue of the youths henceforth and also to stop new emergence of problem, this government is ready to render help,” Lyonchhen said.

“The program was initiated by the former government with a good intention. So let’s keep it up to that. The government has intervened by deferring the loans. What the government needs to do has been done and there is nothing new to be done,” the PM said.  

Further, Lyonchhen said it’s just a matter of time and that once these youths graduate in Japanese language course, things would change and they will be able to work for more hours and be able to earn more, which means being able to pay the loan.

‘If they think that the government has rendered help and had lessened their burden, then I want them to say ‘Thank You’, and if they think that the intervention of the government was of no use to them, then the government has nothing to say further,” he added. 

Chencho Dema from Thimphu