Plots at Dhamdum to be tendered out by month end

Plots at Dhamdum to be tendered out by month end

The Dhamdum Industrial Park (DIP) will be tendering out plots available in its 349-acre park to interested applicants or companies by the end of this month.

The Project Engineer of DIP, Sonam Wangchuk, said the industries can start construction and operate, albeit the construction phase is expected to take another 10 years.

Works presently are in full swing to develop the park in Samtse. After completing the designs, the Department of Industrial Development (DID) under the Economic Affairs Ministry started the construction of the industrial park that is allocated Nu 300mn. Three private constructions companies are engaged in the construction of infrastructures at the site.

The boundary walls with three packages worth Nu 2.55mn had been completed this year. Also, the work on the first phase of river training was completed after it was taken over by the DID. The river training wall will reclaim around nine acres of land. The road and drainage construction works were also complete except for some rectification works. The works on construction of park office, installing electricity and water supply are still underway and are expected to be complete this year.

And some of the remaining works which are yet to start include construction of four public toilets, street lighting and security quarters, and two gates. The works on sewerage system and landfill are also yet to start and are expected to be done in the 12th Plan.

Meanwhile, the Nu 358mn project, which started in 2008 with funding from Government of India, also has provisions for football stadium and facilities like parking lot, footpath, weighing machines, and internal road networks, among others.

According to Sonam Wangchuk, the first phase of the development is expected to extend till 12th Plan. However, the allotment for the construction of industries will be done parallel after completing the installment of basic amenities required for the development.

The entire park would be divided into three pockets – A, B and C. “Currently most of the developmental works are being carried out at zone A, the major chunk. The rest-two pockets, towards the right bank and the one below Samtse-Sipsu road, will be developed later based on the needs,” the project engineer added.

And unlike other industrial estates, DIP will house non-polluting medium scale industries like agro-based industries, and dairy, ice cream and pickle manufacturing industries, among others.

Krishna Ghalley from Samtse