People of Assam deeply touched by the Royal Visit

People of Assam deeply touched by the Royal Visit

His Majesty’s historic visit to Assam has been welcomed by the people of Assam, who say that the visit will revive the extraordinary and excellent ties that the people of Assam shared with their Bhutanese neighbors in the past and also the existing relations. Additionally, some say they are very fortunate that His Majesty would be visiting their area and that they would be seeing His Majesty in person for the first time.

Mahesh, a contractor from Rangia in Assam said that the people of Assam are fortunate that His Majesty is visiting Assam. “We know about your King’s generosity and how hard the King worked during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is like Lord Brahma coming to our land and we are confident that the visit will bring back the relation that existed in the past,” he said.   

Faruqua Ahmed, a businessman in the export and import of natural resources from Bongaigoan district said that the visit of His Majesty is one of the best news he has heard this year. He said it will promote tourism and other businesses. “People of Assam love the people of Bhutan more than citizens of any other country. The people of Assam support Bhutan,” he said, adding that the government of Assam would be willing to help Bhutan in all ways possible.

Kajal Pradhan, President of All Assam Gorkha Student Union, Commerce College, Guwahati, said that the residents of Guwahati and the People of Assam are touched by the Royal visit. She said that the visit and high-level meetings would improve people-to-people contact, which would then lead to enhanced developments in many spheres of the relationship.  

Rajesh Prasad from Guwahati expressed that the visit of His Majesty to Assam has already been successful. “As a goodwill gesture ahead of the King’s visit to the State, the Assam Cabinet approved the reservation of seats for Bhutanese nationals to study MBBS in Assam. The Assam government should provide similar opportunities in fields like Nursing and Engineering to Bhutanese; after all, it is similar to us helping our family members,” he said.

According to Niraj Saraf, a businessman from Barpeta Road, Assam, the visit will bring the people of Assam and Bhutan closer. “While cultural ties and diplomatic relations between the two regions will be strengthened, the door for Bhutan and Assam to mutually benefit from each other in areas of trade and commerce will be opened. We are immensely touched by the visit.”

Ritulal Sharma, general secretary of the All Assam Gorkha Student Union, said the visit of His Majesty to Assam is very significant. “It is an opportunity to understand each other better and to resolve any issues that exist. The young people of Assam especially will get to know more about Bhutan,” he said.

Meanwhile, Brahmananda Patiri, Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) and an Indian Forests Service (IFSS) officer from Chirang Division expressed his joy that His Majesty would be giving time to meet with the forest department at Kaziranga་Park on 4th November. “We are privileged,” he said, adding it has been an aspiration of several officers to see and meet His Majesty personally. 

Arjun Chhetri, President of the All Assam Gorkha Student Union said the maiden visit of the King of Bhutan is historic. “The All Assam Gorkha Student Union (AAGSU) on behalf of all Gorkhas of Assam extend a warm welcome to the King of the Royal Kingdom of Bhutan,” he said. 

He added that Assam’s immediate neighbour is Bhutan. “His Majesty’s visit to Assam will definitely foster cordial relations not just between the two nations but also connect the people of the two regions. We are very happy.”

Barsha Das, from Mangaldai, Assam, who is an assistant Program Lead, at SM Seghal Foundation in Gurugram, Delhi, said that a new chapter in Assam-Bhutan relations has been opened with the visit of His Majesty. “A new relationship, one with strength built on mutual trust will spring between the two nations and the people of Assam and Bhutan.”

She said that the Assam cabinet’s approval of MBBS seats for students from Bhutan underlines the strategic and symbolic significance of strengthening the long-lasting relationship between Bhutan and India. “The Royal visit would strengthen this alliance even more and open the door for increased collaboration in a number of sectors,” she said.

Sangay Rabten from Thimphu