PDP condemns govt.’s move to convert schools into containment centers

The party has urged the government to immediately stop converting schools into containment centers

With over 70 students, teachers and staff of the Kuendrup Higher Secondary School in Gelephu being reportedly infected with the COVID 19-virus yesterday, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has condemned the government’s recklessness with which schools are converted into containment centers.

The party states that it has caused physical and mental harm to 71 students and teachers of Kuendrup School.

Meanwhile, the school was reportedly operating on containment mode.

In a press release issued by the party yesterday, it stated that the PDP, representing 1,000s of worried parents, had earlier called on the government to do away with the idea of containment centers in view of the dangers of outbreaks in confined spaces.

“The recklessness with which the Government went ahead with containment centers has now jeopardized the physical and mental well-being of the students, teachers and staff at the Kuendrup High school,” states the party.

With about 50% of the inhabitants in the school infected in the recent count, according to the PDP, it shows the mindless disregard for the safety and well-being of the students and teachers who are instructed to move into ill-conceived and under-prepared containment centers.

And with some other schools also operating in containment mode and with the government still considering the conversion of schools into containment centers, the PDP has called on the government on the following four important points.

Firstly, the PDP has called on the government to immediately ensure that infections do not spread to other students and teachers in Kuendrup School and ensure that other schools also operating as containment mode are safe from a virus outbreak.

Secondly, it has asked the government to explain to the worried parents, students and teachers how 50% of the inhabitants are infected and assure the parents and students how a repeat would be prevented in other schools.

Thirdly, due to the detrimental impact of the COVID-19 infection on the students’ mental health, the PDP has called on the government to put in place robust counseling services to mitigate any ill effects.

Lastly, the party has urged the government to immediately stop converting schools into containment centers as the virus outbreak from containment centers has been too commonplace to trust a fool-proof center.

“The MoE should explore other practical and safe approaches for conducting board examinations. We would like to draw the Government’s attention to our earlier press release wherein alternatives are submitted for the conduct of board exams, including the postponement,” states the party. The party states that it offers their prayers for the quick recovery of all those infected. 

Kinley Yonten from Thimphu