Patience Pays - Third time contestants Victorious

Patience Pays – Third time contestants Victorious

As the number of people participating in politics increases, there are also some candidates who never give up and contest repeatedly. The Fourth NC elections of 2023 saw some winning the elections.

Namgay Dorji, 41-year-old who contested for the third time from Talo gewog in Punakha got elected in the Fourth Parliamentary election with a total vote of 3316, securing 876 votes in Postal Ballot (PB) and 2440 vote in Electronic Voting Machine (EVM).

Namgay Dorji said that he will serve the people of Bhutan with utmost dedication and commitment. “I believe that my role as a member of the NC will be to represent the views and concerns of the people of Bhutan, and to work towards addressing the issues and challenges facing our country,” said Namgay Dorji.

In addition, Namgay Dorji said that he will work collaboratively with other members of the NC, as well as with members of the National Assembly (NA), the government, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders, to find common solutions to the challenges facing our country.

“I will be a diligent and dedicated representative of the people of Bhutan, working tirelessly to address the issues and challenges facing our country and to promote the long-term well-being and development of our society,” said Namgay Dorji.

Namgay Dorji has a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and a Masters in Mass Communication and Media Management. Before participating in the 2023 Fourth NC elections, he served as teacher, ICT officer, manager, and administrator at a private company.

Not shattered by the past losing experiences, Pema Tashi, 38, from Serzhong gewog contested for the third time and is elected this time from Sarpang Dzongkhag securing a total vote of 5235 with  2108  PB votes and 3415 EVM votes.

Pema Tashi said, “My main motivation for contesting for the third time in  the NC elections is because of the profession and experience that I have and my ardent wish to serve  my people and to fulfill the vision of our Monarchs.”

“I want to make people aware of the difference between NC and NA and its benefits, roles and function in the two different Houses,” said Pema Tashi, adding that he would revive the policies which many people don’t understand and which are not beneficial to the people.

Pema shared that he also wants to set a role model for the future youngsters to come forward and serve the King, country and people.

Pema Tashi has a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws (BA.LLB) from Calcutta University. Post Graduate Diploma in National Law, RIM, Simtokha and a Diploma in Information and Management System and worked in the government, banks, defense attorney and was the founder of MK legal consultancy and the chief executive officer (CEO) before getting elected from the 2023 fourth parliamentary election.

Another third time contestant Sonam Tenzin, 38 from Khamdang gewog in Trashiyangtse got elected in the 2023 Fourth NC elections with a total vote of 3624 securing 1524 votes in PB and 2100 votes in EVM.

Sonam Tenzin said that his main motivation for contesting in the NC election for the third time was because of his own good relation with the people of the Trashiyangtse Dzongkhag.

“With the trust and the fate of the people, I got elected and I will take the responsibility sincerely with my utmost dedication,” said Sonam Tenzin.

The NC elected, said that knowing the importance of the role in NC, he made the people of his Dzongkhag more aware of the roles and responsibility of NC rather than advertising his pledges to the people.

Before contesting, Sonam served as a general manager of Bhutan Industrial gas and has a bachelor’s degree in computer application from Madras University in India.

Similarly, Tshering Wangchen, 43, from Narang gewog in Mongar who contested in the 2013 and 2018 NC elections got elected in the 2023 NC election. Tshering Wangchen got a total vote of 6066 including a total vote of 2417 in PB and 3649 in EVM.

Tshering Wangchen said that he is thankful to the people of Mongar Dzongkhag for electing him as a candidate for their Dzongkhag. “I said to the people of my Dzongkhag that if they give me a chance, I will put my utmost dedication and will leave no voice behind but then to fulfill the wishes of the people,” said Tshering Wangchen.

He shared that he will put extra effort as he got elected with full trust and faith from the people, the role and responsibility of the NC candidate has become very important with the post-pandemic.

Tshering Wangchen holds a bachelor degree in Dzongkha. Prior to getting elected in the 2023 NC election, he served over 16 years in different organizations starting with teaching and in the private sector.

Sherab Dorji from Thimphu