Pangthang’s lone poultry farmer prospers

Pangthang’s lone poultry farmer prospers

Fifty-year-old Gyaden Zangmo from Pangthang village in Kanglung carefully picks up dozens of eggs from her chicken farm and places them in a bucket until it is filled to the brim.

She then heads to the water tap where the eggs are washed, one at a time, before packing them for sale.

This has been a daily ritual for Gyaden Zangmo ever since she began her poultry business in 2017 with over 700 hens producing more than 600 eggs daily. Today she has around 2,000 hens in the farm.

Her poultry farm is like any other such farm in the country. But what sets it apart is it is the only poultry farm in the whole village of Pangthang in Kanglung Gewog.

While she is not the first women to have ventured into poultry farming, there aren’t many women who run and manage poultry business on their own.

She sells all her eggs in Kanglung Gewog.

 “There is no dearth of customers. In fact, it’s hard to keep up with the demand,” she says. “Kanglung Gewog is an educational hub and many offices are located in the Gewog, so there is no problem of market. Instead sometimes I fail to meet the demand.”

With over more than 2,000 chickens in her farm, she earns more than Nu. 5,000 from the sale of eggs everyday. “The government has really been supportive,” she says.

She said that she is also encouraging the villagers to venture into poultry farming as it is a profitable business. “There is a lot of demand for eggs.”

Gyaden Zangmo said that youth these days only want to join civil service but this is unnecessary. “In order to sustain ourselves there are plenty of opportunities provided by the government to the people, all we need is to come up with innovative ideas so that unemployed youth can engage themselves gainfully.”

Poultry business, she says, is profitable provided one knows how to manage it. With the business getting better by the day, Gyaden Zangmo is considering expanding her farm soon.

Meanwhile, the increase in the price of feeds has been the only major problem affecting her business.

Jigme Wangchen from Pangthang, T/gang