Nang Gi Aum- The service providers

A woman who aspired and started her business to motivate youth

Mendarawa, 39 years old, found a passion to start a business called “Nang Gi Aum” which provides various services and generate employment opportunities for youth in the country.

Being a woman, the interesting thing about her business is to solve various issues in urban areas which include electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and house cleaning services.

She is the proprietor, labor, and mentor. She is equally specialized in Construction works.

“As a child, such works were not my passion but time has made me to follow such passion to provide services because it is a lucrative business these days,” she said.

She shared that the main objective of “Nang gi Aum” is to provide various services in the country. Currently, she is crafting different types of products from waste woods as well as driftwood to produce products anybody can afford.

“We sell baby cradles made of wood at the rate of Nu 3000 – 9000,” she said, adding that she makes use of waste wood pieces.

Today, there are two skilled individuals who have graduated from the vocational training institute (VTI) among the five members of each group.

“Anybody can come and work. It is open to all kinds of individuals. Anyone who wants to use our service doesn’t have to be skilled,” she said, adding that if youth are given the opportunity, they can accomplish anything.

“After three months of training, they can even manufacture wooden beds. All the employees were trained for three months in her workplace,” she said.

Additionally, she offers teenagers part-time work where they can show up after school, even on vacations, and she paid them Nu 500. Currently, there are 11 permanent employees with a basic salary is Nu 25,000.

Meanwhile, during a pandemic, Mendarawa shared that her team build a 61 pre-Geiger bridge at Samdrup Jongkhar. “Nang gi Aum” was a labor contractor and CDCL technically from March 2020 to April 2022.

“It was a big project ever since the pandemics are the renovation of the DRC revenue section and the renovation of the NNC sales store,” she said, adding that “Nang gi aum is not the staff or the company.”

She said their second project was the dismantling of Rinpung primary school and they are assigned to dig the side wall stone craft by hand. From then they gain more popularity.

“The third project at Druk Air and its motto is promoting the dignity of labor,” she said.

Further, as a proprietor, she said that she wants to open a warehouse for storing different tools for blue-collar job laborers in the future. “I am enthusiastic and even work with youth labor to motivate them such as by cleaning drains and all.”

When asked how she came up with such ideas, she shared that she worked in one of the food industries at Samdrup Jongkhar after dropping out of high school in the year 2006. She submitted a business proposal for making potato chips and got funded by SNB.

In 2009, she started her own bakery shop at Samdrup Jongkhar. “It was never been my passion to work in the food industry but I have to listen to my father and work in the industry.

“It was good enough for me until 2015, but I realized that I can do something creative, not the same thing every day,” she said.

In March 2015, she left Samdrup Jongkhar and moved to Paro. “Nang Gi Aum was initially started from Paro Tshechu,” she said, adding that she found people carrying a heavily packed lunch, water, and babies at their back, walking towards Lhakhang from the bridge.

She formed a group during Tshechu, and started their services by helping people by carrying their things. “We used to charge them Nu 50 per bag,” she said, adding most of the people made good recommendations on our services.

Nidup Lhamo from Thimphu