MoWHS expects to complete most major activities by 2023

MoWHS expects to complete most major activities by 2023

About Nu 8,040mn is the cumulative expenditure as of December last year

The Ministry of Works and Human Settlement (MoWHS) estimates to complete most of their major activities by 2023.

The plans were presented during the 12th Five-Year Plan mid-term review.

The major activities are professionalization of construction sector, construction of industry roadmap, enhance sustainability of human settlement and ensure 24×7 drinking water supply and irrigation water, roads and bridges.

The ministry has focused road construction, which includes improvement of Tshelingore – Khothakpa road of about 32.1km, Bajo-Khuru road of 8.6km, construction of road between Phuentsholing to Chamkuna and Talingthang to Dramaling of 51km.

Likewise, improvement of road at Taraythang, Khothakha, Jamtsholing, and rigid pavement from Rinchending to Pasakha of about 7km, construction of Gomtu – Tading road and improvement of Samtse – Tashicholing- Tendruk road are the new activities.

According to the ministry, there is 60.65% of the budget utilization against the revised outlay. Nu 11, 736mn is the initial outlay and Nu 13,255mn is the revised 12th FYP outlay and as of December last year, about Nu 8,040mn is the cumulative expenditure.

The improvement of road of about 51km from Talingthang to Dramaling is being implemented under five different contract packages to be completed by 2023. Some road widening works have been completed and pavement works tendered out.

The ministry highlighted that the rigid pavement from Richending to Pasakha of about 7km started in December last year and it is estimated to be complete this year.

During the assessment of the programs and activities under the MoWHS, the ministry shared that ministry has three programs and 24 key performance indicators.

The three programs includes enhancing sustainability of human settlement, pursuing green growth in the construction industry, and improving and maintaining climate resilience of road networks.

According to the MoWHS, out of the 24 key performance indicators (KPI), 20 are on track and they have achieved four KPIs including preparation of human settlement plans, standards and guidelines development for buildings and job creations among others.

However, the ministry also highlighted endorsement of budget for activities. The ministry proposed for additional budget Nu 95mn for safe and sustainable human settlement activities.

The ministry presented that the budget is for review and preparation of the Thimphu Structure Plan 2004, geotechnical investigations and developing a housing information database.

According to the ministry, there was an initial approved budget of Nu 25mn, which was reduced to Nu 10mn. Since the work has been initiated in FY 2020-21, an additional budget of Nu 50mn is required for the activity. 

The ministry also proposed for the need of an additional Nu 30mn for geotechnical investigations and geo-database development. The initial approved budget is Nu 60mn and reduced to Nu 30mn. Therefore, the ministry reasoned that additional money is required to carry out studies for Thim Throm and ad-hoc demands from local governments.

In addition, to enable updated data on housing and facilitate planning through informed decision making, the ministry proposed the need of Nu 15mn. With the budget, the ministry will carry out housing needs assessments in rural and urban areas and develop a housing information database.

Meanwhile, no concrete decision was taken on the approval of the budget.

Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering said the pandemic has greatly affected the domestic revenue. “The ministry has to focus on activities of more economic return,” Lyonchhen said.

Kinley Yonten from Thimphu